Now here’s a tip!

• “For uniform cookies, roll and freeze your dough for 10-15 minutes. Most doughs will harden enough to slice into perfectly even slices, and the freezing doesn’t really affect cooking time too much. (Watch your first batch, though.)” — R.L. in Missouri • If you are reattaching a button to shorts or pants, try using dental floss, the unwaxed kind. […]


RECAPS FEB. 10 — 14

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Thomas and everyone at Forrester Creations threw Zoe a surprise birthday party. Katie continued to share Sally’s confidential medical diagnosis. Carter offered Zoe a special gift. Vinny called Thomas out for how his plan is affecting Douglas. Katie made Wyatt promise to keep Sally’s secret to himself. Brooke found Thomas’ birthday party for Zoe […]

The flu and you

Here we are, halfway through winter, and the flu season is in full swing. As of now all 50 states have widespread levels of flu. And at this point far too many people still haven’t gotten their flu shot. The senior version of the shot (for those over age 65) has four times the amount of vaccine of three of […]

Moments in time

• On Feb. 16, 1878, supported by Western mining interests and farmers, the Bland-Allison Act, which provided for a return to the minting of silver coins, becomes law. It required the U.S. Treasury to resume purchasing silver and minting silver dollars as legal tender. • On Feb. 13, 1915, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) is founded […]

Bible trivia

1. Is the book of Lamentations in the Old or New Testament or neither? 2. Which book could be summarized, “By human standards you’re looking OK, but by God’s, you’re failing”? Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah 3. From Genesis 41, who had the vision of seven fat cows coming out of a river? Adam, Moses, Pharaoh, Abraham 4. Who was suspended […]

The Newsday Crossword

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Check your trivia knowledge

1. GEOGRAPHY: Which is the least-populated continent? 2. GEOLOGY: What metal is produced by refining the ore bauxite? 3. EXPLORERS: Where was explorer Marco Polo born? 4. ART: Which popular American artist referred to himself as “Painter of Light”? 5. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What is the pH value of pure water? 6. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What is a group of leopards called? […]

Auto mechanics must provide their own tools

Car Talk

Dear Car Talk: I’m just starting out in the auto repair business and working for a dealership. It strikes me as odd that this seems to be one of the only professions where you have to provide your own tools in order to work in the field. Why don’t more garages and dealerships provide company-owned tools for their technicians? — […]

Now here’s a tip!

• A squirt of shaving cream can help release latex paint specks on your hands from using a roller brush. Just rub over hands and rinse. • Baked apples (or stuffed peppers) will stay perfectly upright if you set them into the wells of a muffin tin. • Make your own bath oil by mixing a couple of drops of […]


RECAPS FEB. 3-7 THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Brooke and Liam agreed that Thomas was still manipulating the situation but disagreed that he’s at fault over the kiss. Carter told Zoe that he thinks that she’s beautiful. Brooke questioned Liam about moving in to Steffy’s house. Carter spoke candidly with Zoe about whether or not she could trust Thomas. […]

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