Families and Friends

Preachers can be found speaking on Internet


I’m wondering if by the time this coronavirus quarantine is over will we want to hug or touch or even stop and talk to each other. I’m thinking this is going to change how we socialize with each other forever. Our pastor, Bill Jones, uses Joseph as an example quite frequently in his messages. When Joseph was sold as a […]

We should support each other during traumatic events

People who experience a traumatic event like COVID 19 and even those who watch it unfold from a distance, on television for example, can experience negative stress and serious emotional distress. This is because traumatic events are recognized as a threat to one’s personal safety and/or the world as you know it. It is also not uncommon for traumatic events […]

Distancing is no problem

Points East

I haven’t personally had any problems with social distancing or holing up inside the house for weeks at a time for several years. Keeping to myself has pretty much been modus operandi over the last several years, because Mr. Parkinson insists on being a very stubborn recluse. As the years have flown by, Parkinson’s determination to be secluded and avoid […]

The Way We Were

Clips from available Mountain Eagle pages since our founding in 1907

The drive-in, relic of yesterday, finds itself suited to now  By JAKE COYLE AP Film Writer NEW YORK The drive-in theater, long a dwindling nostalgia act in a multiplex world, is experiencing a momentary return to prominence. With nearly all of the nation’s movie theaters shuttered due to the coronavirus pandemic, some drive-in owners think they’re in a unique position […]

Spring arrives then leaves again

Southern Ohio

Hello everyone! Spring arrived in the Ohio Valley area for a couple of days, then the temperature plummeted like the stock market on television, with rather cold nights. At least it was beautiful for a day. Even with the rain it was warm. As I was driving home from doing an errand, I experienced sort of a weird thing. All […]

Let spring wind blow cabin fever away from all of us


We celebrated the Spring Equinox and the beginning of the spectacular redbud season last week. The magnolias are blooming along with the daffodils and that should bring a smile to your face. The days have lengthened already and Easter Sunday is approaching. There are no restrictions on outdoor time so step out and let the wind play with your hair […]

Moments and Memories of WHS

1986  Changes at WHS  This year at Whitesburg High has been one of many changes, but it has been one of advancement. It was the year that the construction began for the new addition to the school. The first step in this construction was to tear down the band building. It was a sad occasion for all of the band […]

Gasoline is not the lubricant Honda was looking for

Car Talk

Dear Car Talk: I own a 2014 Honda Accord LX, and it has been a very good car. So good that I am thinking about buying a new Accord. At least I was thinking about a new Accord until I started seeing stories about the engine oil being diluted by gasoline. This does not sound like a good situation, but […]

Learn to appreciate what you have in life


Hello everyone. I hope you had a good week as some of you went to work and some of you were at home. I believe more will be at home this week. I don’t know when we’ll get to see our sons and daughters-in-law again. They all live in Ohio and it’s going to be a long while before we […]

The Candy Bomber was my friend

I first met him when we were flying supplies into Germany from the States. The young kids were hungry and reaching through the barbwire fence to get food from the U.S. pilots. This young pilot started bringing boxes of candy and giving them to these kids. Other pilots starting doing the same thing. They were throwing candy from their planes […]

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