Co-chair of prison effort here says sudden delay will not end project

Letter to the Editor:

To the Editor: Our people, especially our young people, need jobs — good paying jobs. Even with the withdrawal of the Record of Decision, the Federal Bureau of Prisons is continuing to work toward the construction of the Letcher County Federal Prison. Congressman Hal Rogers and Senator Mitch McConnell continue to work toward the construction of this project. Their support […]

Rural economies can thrive on two wheels

Big roads are extremely important to any community’s economic vitality. But for smaller, more rural communities, some of the most important lanes can also be some of the smallest. Bicycle-friendly roads and trails are increasingly how many communities around the country are attracting visitors, building their economies and gaining notoriety. One of the biggest booms in biking right now is […]

State failing kids

If the University of Kentucky men’s basketball team placed 34th out of 50 in the final poll of the season, Kentuckians would be appalled — especially if the team was consistently awful for the next seven years. So we should be equally flabbergasted that the 30th annual Kids Count Data Book ranked the Bluegrass State in the bottom tier for […]

In eastern Kentucky, paying bills much different between the little people and bigshots

Imagine if you got behind on your credit card payments. A couple of months later, and the interest plus the original debt has gotten a bit out of hand. No problem, you tell the Visa or Mastercard payment department. I’ll pay what I first owed now, as long as you forget the interest and late fees. How’s that? Exactly. Now […]

Many Democrats happy to see Bernie Sanders fading away

History will best remember Bernie Sanders for his role in helping elect Donald Trump. Happily for many (if not most) Democrats, Sanders is now fading big time. The earlier assumption was that the 2020 Democratic race would boil down to a brawl between Sanders and Joe Biden. Now we see Elizabeth Warren edging Sanders out for second place in a […]

Democrats should not try to impeach President Trump

Many pundits have this unfortunate habit of framing what they want as what the American people want. I’ve been guilty of this at times. After all, what is more gratifying than the idea that the American masses are marching behind your band? Similarly, some left-leaning writers are insisting that the great majority of Democrats wants President Donald Trump impeached. And […]

There is room for everyone at Fishpond Lake


This year marks the 56th birthday of Fishpond Lake, and the start of more jockeying over who should have the priority for using it. Let’s make it easy. There’s room for everyone at Fishpond Lake, if everyone will agree to take care of it. County Judge/Executive Terry Adams said last week that he will have county workers begin closing some […]

Unexplained proposal could ban tattooing over body scars

Kentucky could soon outlaw getting tattoos over scars — an inexplicable move that could make life worse for many people who just want to lead normal lives. Tattooing over scars is one way that people who used to engage in self-harm put those destructive behaviors behind them. It’s how people who have had surgeries that leave unpleasant scars reduce their […]

We can all agree on this: Robocalls are a scourge

I oversee the care of an ailing man who’s pushing 90. When I’m with him, the sound of his phone ringing sends a minor shock to my system. And his phone is ringing all the time. “That’s probably a robocall,” he says, obviously aware that these autodialed spam and scam calls are usually up to no good. He knows deep […]

Some helpful tips on avoiding ever-evolving scams and tricks

As technology evolves so do lame attempts by criminals to scam honest, hardworking people out of their money, time and more. The Better Business Bureau and the Federal Communications Commission are warning of a new “one ring” scam targeting people in several states often calling several times in the overnight hours. In a press release, FCC officials warned calling the […]

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