Gardening … vacariously

“Vicariously” is the experience of watching or reading about someone else do something and pretending, or feeling like, you are doing it yourself. A lady reader recently emailed to tell me that I rarely wrote a column that didn’t have at least a couple of words that she had to go look up. She was not impressed with my vocabulary […]

Dems, drop identity politics

The public dislikes identity politics big time. Right-winger Steve Bannon rejoices when Democrats try to sell themselves through special appeals to race, gender, ethnicity or sexual identity. When Democrats dwell on identity politics, “I got ‘em,” he said. “(W)e can crush the Democrats.” Identity politics is dated and even ignored by many in the groups being pandered to, as Kamala […]

If you want to keep First Amendment rights, then use them

“If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.” Most people associate that ubiquitous phrase with fitness and exercise, or a learned skill like bike riding. But it applies to our First Amendment rights, too. There’s a perfect example of using those rights in order to not lose them that made headlines last week, and it has to do with getting […]

Session’s best bills have been ignored in favor of Bevin’s

Friday may be the end of the workweek for most of us, but this past one turned out to be the start for the General Assembly, since that’s when Governor Bevin called legislators to Frankfort to kick off a special legislative session. The topic at hand is one that has dominated the legislature’s agenda since the beginning of the year: […]

Drug price gouging: An American story

To be American is a wonderful thing most of the time. There are moments, however, when it is downright humiliating. Can you imagine a more pitiful scene than a busload of Americans traveling 815 miles from Minneapolis to a Walmart in London, Ontario, Canada, to buy insulin at a 10th — a 10th! — of the price charged in the […]

10 days at Uncle Jim’s

In mid July of 1956, I was ready to enter third grade and my brother, Keith “Keeter”, was all set to become a first grader when we were ready to enter the hallowed halls of Blair Branch Grade School, a few short weeks later. In the meantime, we had 10 days of vacation to enjoy at our Uncle Jim and […]

‘Go back where you came from!’

Possibly because this newspaper is published in Letcher County, Kentucky, whenever we hear that slur—“Go back where you came from!”—whether flung from the White House or anywhere else, we think of Srur Dawahare and his family. Born near Damascus, Syria, in the 1880s, Srur fled murderous religious persecution and reached New York City in the early days of the 20th […]

Can’t he do more?

For all those who have said Sen. Mitch McConnell does nothing for Kentucky, we’d like to point out a recent story in Politico that credits McConnell and his wife, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, with steering at least $78 million into the state. According to Politico, Chao has created a special position within her department to do nothing but handle grant […]

Former teacher, Jenkins mayor pays tribute to four

To the Editor: In the past few months I have lost three track boys and a track official. The three boys (men today) are Danny Ratliff, Roger Johnson and Roger “Hunky” Hall, and track official Bill Cantrell. Each of these individuals was unique and made the Jenkins Track Team Program a success. The last track person to pass was “Hunky” […]

The curse of ‘hypertourism’

Hypertourism has become the curse of desirable places all over the world. It refers to the swarms of tourists who clog the plazas and narrow streets of prized cultural destinations — Florence, Venice, Barcelona, Prague and others. Party cities, such as Amsterdam, where both prostitution and marijuana are mostly legal, draw especially low-quality tourists. But locals suffering under hypertourism everywhere […]

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