A little good news from Frankfort

While the effort to turn legislation into laws tends to dominate activity at the Capitol during the first few months of year, that’s not always the case. We saw a good example of that last week. On Thursday, for example, other legislators and I gathered in the House chamber to hear Governor Bevin give the annual State of the Commonwealth […]


I didn’t have space in last week’s column to mention another find in my middle desk drawer. Said treasure was yet another pre-Ziplock plastic bag containing about a dozen used, 1950s, vintage, “five and dime” store Valentines that were extremely popular with grade school children this time of year way back when. There’s a note from column reader Jeri Sloan […]

Calls on miners to support bill

Letter to the editor

To the Editor: This letter is to all miners who wish to sign up for black lung benefits, present and future. Angie Hatton has filed a bill that amends a bill filed last year. This bill will give miners their rights back to go to any radiologist of choice. As of now you must go to a B-Reader, a board […]

New law would help agency in power rate cases

As the other members of the General Assembly and I return to the Capitol this week, we face, as we always do each legislative session, decisions on which of hundreds of bills should become law. There are several I have sponsored or co-sponsored that I strongly believe should be on that short list. I was proud to highlight one of […]

A tribute to late council member from Jenkins

Letter to the editor

To the Editor: I would be remiss if I did not comment on the passing of Rebecca Terrill Amburgey; best known as Becky to those who knew her. I have known her since the 1960s when she was a student of mine at Jenkins High School. I also taught her brothers Johnny and Stanley. One of Becky’s strengths was her […]

It’s satellite TV vs. Super Bowl at Ike’s house. Which one wins?

By the time some of you read this missive, the Super Bowl will have already been played. But here’s the thing: I still will not have watched it. I’m reasonably sure someone will have told me the score or it’s bound to have been all over the news by Monday but I’m actually hoping it was 0 to 0 and […]

Political Cartoon

Not motive in Vegas attack

LAS VEGAS The high-stakes gambler responsible for the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history sought notoriety in the attack but left his specific motive a mystery, the FBI said Tuesday as it concluded the investigation of the 2017 massacre that killed 58 country music fans. While the agency found no “single or clear motivating factor” to explain to explain […]

Shutdown hit wall of truth evasion

It’s hard to count the halftruths, warped symbolism and abuse of logic that plunged our country into a government shutdown. Sure, blatant lies will do it, but these other players are worse because they are sneaky. Now, President Trump’s reason for the shutdown, a “crisis” at the border, was a lie. The real reason was Robert Mueller’s tightening noose around […]

Hating the federal government is not the way to improve it

“The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.’’’ Ronald Reagan’s 1986 statement still invokes chuckles on the right and some nostalgia for the general good nature of his gibes. But the sentiment behind it remains one of the most destructive forces in our politics. If you bemoan the shutdown […]

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