Mitch McConnell’s power play and the U.S. Supreme Court

The determination of U.S. Senate Republicans to use procedural gimmicks to entrench conservatives in the judiciary has, unfortunately, begun to leave the American people questioning the legitimacy of the courts, especially the Supreme Court. The GOP Senators’ abuse of their power over judicial appointments has become so ordinary that their behavior has begun to create the perception that judicial decisions […]

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Necklace is a string of hope

Every morning in our home, one of the first things I see is a necklace I cherish but have never worn. It is too delicate for that, too meaningful — 264 reminders of what a woman can do when she dares to hope. Between 1942 and 1945, the United States government forced about 120,000 people into internment camps on American […]

Critics: Kids will suffer if Ky. messes up graduation rules

Kentucky shouldn’t pass new high school graduation requirements until it addresses concerns of teachers and parents, several groups said this week. “I think it’s important that we ask for student voice, for educator voice, in creating something we can sustain,” said Stephanie Winkler, president of the Kentucky Education Association. The current proposal could have unintended consequences for the state’s most […]

Low prices: Always a good thing?

If you like exploring the great outdoors, as I do, you probably enjoy shopping (or at least looking) in those high-end stores serving campers, hikers and the like. There, the wilderness fantasy rides high: Neat displays of specialized tents, headlamps and fleece jackets. Often a stone-and-wood decor smelling of cedar. And salespeople who know all about trail shoes. Selling upscale […]

When Bevin attacks media, he’s afraid of what they will find

You can always tell when Courier Journal reporter Tom Loftus is on the trail of Gov. Matt Bevin. Bevin gets strident and belittling and refuses to answer important questions that taxpayers have a right to know the answers to. After Loftus broke the story that Bevin got a sweetheart deal on his mansion in Anchorage that he bought from a […]

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The decline of social democracy

The rise of Donald Trump was shocking but it was not a one-off. The forces that brought him to power have parallels across democracies as fears about immigration, inward-looking nationalism and discontent over economic globalization push an ever-larger share of voters to the far right. For American progressives, it is especially disturbing that social democracy, one of the most humane […]

When competence is enough

In our highly polarized era, we too often judge election results from the confines of partisan politics. That’s not nearly as useful on the state and local levels, where elected officials have roads to fix, kids to educate and budgets to balance. Voters want people who can do the job. Ideology can wait. The conservative National Review recently put forth […]

When ‘shucky beans’ become a danger

It’s a good thing Loretta didn’t have a camera handy about three weeks ago. Otherwise I might have been a strong contender for the top prize on America’s Funniest Home Videos, a dubious “honor” that I have absolutely no aspirations for achieving. For old time’s sake, I decided to thread up a long string of Babe Campbell Beans and hang […]

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