Some bills could harm people here

The General Assembly may enact dozens of new laws each year, but legislative sessions are invariably remembered for just a handful of major issues. The three most likely to top the list for 2021 include new, but unnecessary, limits on gubernatorial powers; two new, and also unnecessary, initiatives that will cause lasting harm to public education; and a new, and […]

If Henry Ford were alive today

When Henry Ford introduced the Model T in 1908, he had a problem. There were almost no paved roads in America. To sell his product to the masses, he needed good roads. No one would ever deny his place among titans of American capitalism, but Ford was not shy about urging the government to supply the infrastructure essential to his […]

Infrastructure plan would put our people back to work


If you’ve driven on the washboards that pass for roads here or held your breath while crossing a bridge that seems like it’s held together with spit and baling wire you know that infrastructure has been ignored for too long. The lion’s share of tax money has gone into tax breaks, defense spending and pork, while roads and bridges crumbled […]

Some ‘good,’ some ‘jaw-droppingly’ bad bills passed by House, Senate

Late last year, just a few weeks before the General Assembly arrived at the Capitol, a legislative leader predicted the pandemic would “limit our ability to tackle a large number of issues.” Another said he expected a “lean” agenda. Never were more false words spoken. For reasons both quite good and jaw-droppingly bad, there hasn’t been an odd-year meeting of […]

Political Cartoon

Vaccine passports: A culture war we don’t have to wage

“We are not supporting doing any vaccine passports in the state of Florida,” declared Gov. Ron DeSantis. “It’s completely unacceptable,” he said, for either government or the private sector to require showing proof of vaccination against COVID-19 “to just simply participate in normal society.” Actually, Florida requires proof of vaccination for any child attending school — and the list of […]

Roy Crawford joins board

Roy Crawford of Whitesburg has joined the board of directors of the Kentucky Resources Council, a Frankfort-based organization that provides legal representation and advice on environmental and energy issues. Formed in 1984, KRC has spent much of this year in a fight against proposed rate hikes by Kentucky Power Company and other utility companies, and with monitoring and participating in […]

More Democrats needed in Frankfort

Letter to the editor

To the Editor: I appreciate The Eagle publishing the excellent legislative reports of our Democratic State Representative Angie Hatton, who is already in House leadership. I believe we elected the wrong Johnny Turner instead of our good old Democratic State Senator Johnny Ray Turner. The state budget passed by the super majority Republican State Legislature is far from super. In […]

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