Injured hiker describes long ordeal, thanks all who helped rescue her

To the Editor: My name is Ashley Pangle Chandler and I’m a 46-year-old mother, wife, and teacher from the Commonwealth of Virginia. My husband and I are avid hikers and hike each weekend in Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, or Kentucky. We live in Wise, and geographically speaking that puts us in a prime location to hike an abundance of trails […]

The lefties, not liberals, are toxic to Democrats’ agenda

Things should be looking up for Democrats. Americans are flush with spending money. (They added at least $2.5 trillion to household savings during the pandemic.) Unemployment is back under 5%. As for stocks, the S&P 500 is up more than 30% from what it was before the pandemic. Most every item on the Democrats’ social wish list polls quite well. […]

14 years and three mayors later, Jenkins sidewalk project is done

To the Editor: In 2007 money was appropriated to extend the sidewalk up Lakeside Drive. This took place the first year of D. Charles Dixon’s term as Mayor of Jenkins. The sidewalk was badly needed for pedestrians and schoolchildren. Three Mayors, including Dixon, G.C. Kincer and Todd Depriest, served before the sidewalk project was completed. This time period saw Steve […]

Nothing can change truth of what we saw

To the Editor: Abraham Lincoln once asked, “If you call a dog’s tail a leg, how many legs does a dog have?” Trying to change reality is a common trait of predators. They recreate an alternate reality and then convince people that it is the only reality. Domestic violence often involves mind control in which the predator tells the victim […]

Jenkins will miss Hall

To the Editor: The recent passing of Rick Hall in September 2021 reminded me this was another one of my Track Boys who has died in recent years. Rick’s father, Wilburn, and I attended Jenkins High School and Pikeville College together. Both Wilburn and I were on the college track team. Rick was known for his many years of work […]

Online woman have must be tough, starting in their teens

When I was, like, 17, I didn’t eat for three solid days. Ten pounds had to go — immediately. The period of starvation crowded out every other thought in my head. Of course, I lost weight, though it was mostly water. Of course, I gained it back. My point is that teenage girls’ angst over body image long preceded Instagram, […]

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