Breakfast for Dinner

Enjoy It WithYour Family Tonight

Enjoy ItWithYour Family Tonight FAMILY FEATURES Looking for new and enjoyable family meal ideas? Have you ever thought of serving breakfast for dinner? With evaporated milk on hand in your pantry, you can transform your family s favorite breakfasts into delicious and savory dinners. From making creamy sauces to mouthwatering casseroles, evaporated milk is the key to serving up special, […]

Media stands by while America’s workers are losing the ‘class war’

The recent United Auto Workers strike against General Motors was a brief media reminder that unions exist. We needed to be reminded. A few decades ago, upward of onethird of the American workforce was unionized. Now the figure is down around 10 percent. The scant coverage of unions is both a cause and an effect of that steep downturn. The […]

Tongue-piercing nearly brings death

EVERETT, Wash. Cindi Reedes heard doctors tell her the same frightening words three times in eight days: Her teenage daughter’s chances of survival were slim. It would take a near-miracle to save her from the aggressive infection ravaging her body. The only cause doctors could guess at was the tongue piercing 18-year-old Lacey Filosa got without her mother knowing about […]

Five Years Old

Enjoyed mustard greens from a late harvest

Northeast Ohio

It’s me again, coming to you from Lorain, Ohio. We’ve had rain most of the day. It’s now turning cooler, after a 90 and above temperature for yesterday. Guess that’s the way it will be ’til really cold weather comes a callin’. Just hope it’s not too cold and won’t stay around too long. I got to see our baby. […]

Soldiers happy to be back in Letcher County

At least three soldiers from Letcher County were among a group of nearly 600 who were welcomed home during a ceremony in Lexington on Sunday. Kelly Edward Sexton and Michael D. “Mikey” Combs, half-brothers from Little Dry Fork near Whitesburg, and Josh Webb of Payne Gap near Jenkins, were among a group of soldiers who returned from duty in Iraq […]


Sometimes it's ok to cry over spilled milk

Dear Tom and Ray: Hi. I have a Volvo station wagon, and last week I spilled about a half-gallon of milk in the back. The back seats were folded down because I had my dogs in the car. When I went to clean up the milk, I noticed that virtually all of it had disappeared. When I looked further, I […]

Living with chronic pulmonary disease

DEAR DR. DONOHUE: In the past you wrote: “There are many things that can make life with emphysema more livable.” However, you didn’t mention what those things are. I would sure like to know them. – A.B. ANSWER: Emphysema is the destruction of air sacs, the delicate lung structures through which oxygen passes into the blood. With emphysema, oxygen cannot […]

Second Birthday