2 accused of burglary

Two Letcher County men were charged with burglary after the Letcher County Sheriff’s Office answered a call about “a possible fight” at a home in Roxana on October 14. Steven Dotson, 33, and Justin Adams, 21, both of Jeremiah, were arrested at 9:30 p.m. and charged with first-degree burglary, second-degree criminal mischief and alcohol intoxication. The incident occurred at 6368 […]

Now here’s a tip

• Attach a flashlight to the fuse box for easy visibility in a power outage. Use a strong magnet if your box is metal; if not, you can use a section of hook-and-loop tape attached to both the box and the flashlight. • “Dry rice can be added to both the salt shaker and the pepper shaker in order to […]

Cancer death rates fall faster than ever

WASHINGTON Good news on the cancer front: Death rates are dropping faster than ever, thanks to new progress against colorectal cancer. A turning point came in 2002, scientists conclude this week in the annual “Report to the Nation” on cancer. Between 2002 and 2004, death rates dropped by an average of 2.1 percent a year. That may not sound like […]


One Year Old

Floodwaters can be called ‘silent killer’

Remember the flood of ’57 and all the destruction and hardships it caused? It washed away homes, livestock, and dreams. It flooded homes and businesses. I saw motorboats plying the streets of Blackey. I saw a chicken swim for its life. I saw fattened hogs floating lifeless down the river. A good many dreams were washed away, too, and people […]

Moments In Time

• On Oct. 18, 1922, “Robin Hood,” starring Douglas Fairbanks, opens at Grauman’s Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, Calif. As a publicity stunt two weeks before the premiere, Fairbanks had posed atop a New York hotel in costume and shot arrows from the building, accidentally injuring a man through an open window. • On Oct. 19, 1939, “Mr. Smith Goes to […]

Diet reduces cancer risk after menopause

WASHINGTON Try fewer burgers and more veggies after menopause: Cutting dietary fat may offer a longsought protection against deadly ovarian cancer – if you stick with the diet long enough. Low-fat diets have long been promoted as a way to reduce the risk of different cancers, with decidedly mixed results when put to the test. But last week, researchers unveiled […]

Two Months Old

What did kids do for fun at Roxana?

Southern Ohio

Hello again, everyone! Thanks for the emails and phone calls saying you missed my column. I wish I could blame it on The Mountain Eagle, however I am the one who made the mistake. I was in a hurry and hit the wrong key and it didn’t get sent in. I really want to thank several who has commented on […]