Help offered to veterans

A field representative of the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs will be at the Letcher County Courthouse in Whitesburg from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 10, to assist veterans and their dependents filing for federal and state veterans benefits. There is no charge for this service. For more information, call (877) 856-0004.


Bobby Ray Howard, “your cooling and heating man”, is pictured with his newest granddaughter, Brooklyn. She is the daughter of Erica and Caleb Howard. He has two other granddaughters, Haleigh Howard and Shelby Howard, daughters of Angela and Josh Howard.


Braxton Travis Boggs turned three years old Sept. 24. He placed first runner up in the Mountain Heritage Baby Pageant, 25-36 months. He is the son of Jamie and April Boggs of Camp Branch. His grandparents are Brenda Stallard of Whitesburg, Kasey Niece of Van, and Jim and Linda Boggs of Craft’s Colly.

Nature hike scheduled on Red Fox Trail, site of the 1892 ‘Killing Rock Massacre’

One of the most colorful chapters in the history of southeastern Kentucky and southwestern Virginia depicts the events surrounding the “Killing Rock Massacre” which occurred on the south side of Pine Mountain in 1892 when five members of the Ira Mullins party were ambushed and killed. On a Saturday morning, May 14, 1892 at about 10 a.m., the Ira Mullins […]

This year’s hanging chad

Once again in Ohio, the presidential polls are tied and its 20 electoral votes up for grabs. Such scenarios generally don’t lend themselves to gentle politics. Ohio Republicans have been raging at what they claim is a raft of phony voter registrations by Democrats. (Rush Limbaugh has been whipping up passions on his end.) They’ve put a face on their […]

Kentucky overcomes mistakes and its past again

When will we ever learn the truth of Yogi Berra’s time honored sports phrase, “It ain’t over till it’s over?” Memo to University of Kentucky football fans: We are in the midst of a new era of UK football. Let’s embrace it and not fight it. Please let the past go, Big Blue Nation. UK’s under appreciated head football coach […]

Fall festival set

A fall festival and auction will be held at 5 p.m., November 8, at the Linefork Community Center. Food and games will also be available. Proceeds will help build a kitchen and Sunday School room for the Blackey Pentecostal Church.


Charlie Hatton (at left) and Elzie Ray Hatton enjoyed time together at the Hatton family reunion held August 30 at Cowan Community Center.

Coming to Summit City

The Swells will play in downtown Whitesburg at the Summit City Lounge on Thursday, October 23. Hailing from Lexington, The Swells will veer eastward from several shows booked in Lexington to grace Summit City with their self-proclaimed sound ranging from ‘jalopy swing to soul shakedown’. This group combines a cornucopia of woodwind, string, and brass instruments to create their unique […]

‘Appalachia’ grows to include counties in flatlands

CARLISLE, Ky. Tabbatha Tubbs laughs at the thought of Washington politicians decreeing her hometown Appalachian. After all, there’s not a mountain in sight from this gently rolling countryside best known for its thoroughbred horse farms. This is picturesque Bluegrass country: Black wooden fences surround grazing thoroughbreds. Golden stalks of tobacco hang from tiered barns. And herds of fat beef cattle […]