Old mine gets 4,000 trees

Coal companies embrace plan to reforest

Emma Blue, a Murray State University student from Georgetown, pushed down on a dibble bar with her foot as Miranda Brown, a Murray State University student from Winchester, looked on. Blue and Brown spent Saturday volunteering to plant trees on an old strip mine in Carcassonne as part of a forestry reclamation project. The project will be the focus of […]

Parents say girls deserve own field

Parents whose students play softball at Letcher County Central High School want a field their children can call their own. “We don’t have a Letcher County Central softball field,” Shaun Mynster, president of the LCCHS softball booster club, told the Letcher County Board of Education this week. “The thing that worries us or bothers us right now where we are […]

Addicts steal heat pump

How low are some of Letcher County’s drug-addicted thieves willing to go? The most recent answer to that question was found at Mayking last week when a heat pump was stolen from the Thornton Regular Baptist Church. Sgt. Brian Damron of the Letcher County Sheriff’s Department said the heating and air-conditioning unit of an HVAC system was stolen from the […]

Crime and poverty

The details start to run together as yet another group of county officials is led off in handcuffs, but the picture is clear enough. This view of corruption, cycling through some parts of Kentucky like a virus, guarantees no relief from another recurring theme: poverty. Who would invest in a place where prosecutors say the local government is run like […]


Fighting politics of evasion

WASHINGTON President Obama’s biggest task at his news conference on Tuesday was not to defend Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner or to push aside the administration’s bungling of the AIG bonus imbroglio. It was to challenge Washington’s habit of evading substantive issues by transforming them into procedural questions. A deep narrative is taking root in the political class, and it goes […]

The GOP vacuum

Imagine how different things might be right now if there were a Republican Party. I mean a party like the one led by Ronald Reagan, George Bush or Newt Gingrich; a party with a program, a single set of talking points, and the technological and communications advantages to get their message across. That kind of Republican Party. The kind that […]

Economy, health-care are wed

The Duke basketball coach and most other Americans believe that President Obama is unwisely diverting his attention from the sick economy. In the case of Coach Mike Krzyzewski, the unhappiness is part personal. Obama recently took time out of his busy schedule to predict, among other NCAA tournament outcomes, that Duke would not make it into the Final Four. “The […]

Mass hysteria

What happens when you live in a society that thinks “better safe than sorry” about everything, even things that are already very safe, such as walking to soccer practice in the suburbs in broad daylight? You get a society so eager to protect its youngsters that it cannot see those youngsters don’t need all that protection. What they do need […]

When should you retire

Have you been wondering when the best time is to retire? If you have, then we have an audio podcast just for you. Social Security’s new podcast, “Deciding When to Start Receiving Retirement Benefits,” is available for you to listen to now at www.socialsecurity.gov/ podcasts. In this discussion, Social Security will tell you some of the things you need to […]