Coming events

This guide is published by The Mountain Eagle as a public service to help keep readers informed about entertainment events within driving distance of Letcher County. All dates are subject to change. Always check with the venues listed before traveling long distances. ROCK, POP, BLUES RAP, CHRISTIAN In Whitesburg WINTERPILLS; Fri., March 27 in Whitesburg at Summit City (214 Main […]

Feds close Knott mine

FRANKFORT The U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration has shut down an underground coal mine in Knott County. MSHA spokeswoman Amy Louviere said the agency ordered miners off the job last week because Double A Mining Inc. in Mousie had failed to pay $313,820 in delinquent fines for safety violations. The mine employed 16 people. Louviere said the move marked […]

Old mine gets 4,000 trees

Coal companies embrace plan to reforest

Emma Blue, a Murray State University student from Georgetown, pushed down on a dibble bar with her foot as Miranda Brown, a Murray State University student from Winchester, looked on. Blue and Brown spent Saturday volunteering to plant trees on an old strip mine in Carcassonne as part of a forestry reclamation project. The project will be the focus of […]

School memories aren’t always good memories

Looking back to the days of my childhood I often think of things which happened, sometimes at school, and I wonder why. There were four of us kids, two boys and two girls. We always took our lunch in a four-pound lard bucket. Lunch usually consisted of soup beans and no bread with four spoons thrown into the bucket. There […]

A Guide To Accurate Testing

There is probably only one thing worse than having to draw your own blood to test your blood sugar — and that is repeating the test because of an error. Below are some useful tips to ensure an accurate reading the first time. • Wash hands with warm, soapy water and rinse and dry thoroughly before testing. Even minimum amounts […]

Relay for Life dinner is a success

The Relay for Life team, the Rockin’ Robins, had a chicken dinner at the Hemphill Community Center on March 16. The response from the Whitesburg and Neon areas was wonderful. We have many people to thank for its success. First, we need to thank all the people who bought dinners from us, then all the people who volunteered to help […]

Mighty Ohio River is beautiful sight

Southern Ohio

Big news boosts ’60 Minutes’

NEW YORK “60 Minutes” has thrown a few haymakers in recent weeks: the first interview with hero pilot Chesley Sullenberger; a longsought talk with Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke; and a sit-down with President Obama. It’s paying off where it really counts in the world of television: The CBS newsmagazine has emphatically reversed a long, nearly unbroken decline in viewership […]

Rabid skunks plague Fayette Co.

LEXINGTON Authorities in Lexington say a skunk has tested positive for rabies, the sixth rabid animal found in Fayette County this year. The skunk was found in the Spurr Road area in the northern part of the county. Rabies, a viral disease, is transmitted from animals to humans by saliva, typically from a bite. Health officials say there is no […]

Parents say girls deserve own field

Parents whose students play softball at Letcher County Central High School want a field their children can call their own. “We don’t have a Letcher County Central softball field,” Shaun Mynster, president of the LCCHS softball booster club, told the Letcher County Board of Education this week. “The thing that worries us or bothers us right now where we are […]