Engles have first mess of green beans this year

Northeast Ohio

Another week has flown by, and I do hope it was a good one for all. It was Little Edna Church time, the fourth Saturday and Sunday, but we didn’t get to go. Red was having a bad day. It was their sacrament time, and I’m sure they had a good crowd and probably some visiting preachers. I haven’t talked […]

Coming events

This guide is published by The Mountain Eagle as a public service to help keep readers informed about entertainment events within driving distance of Letcher County. All dates are subject to change. Always check with the venues listed before traveling long distances. ROCK, POP, BLUES RAP, CHRISTIAN In Whitesburg THE COAL MEN; Sat., Aug. 8 in Whitesburg at Summit City […]

‘Cash for Clunkers’ program expected to get more money

The Senate will vote to extend the popular “cashfor clunkers” car purchase program before going home on Friday, Majority Leader Harry Reid declared Tuesday in a strong signal the U.S. government will not let the trade-in rebates die under the surging demand that has almost exhausted federal backing. Reid’s Republican counterpart, Sen. Mitch McConnell, predicted his party would not block […]

Letcher County at top in child support work

The Letcher County Child Support Program, under the direction of Letcher County Attorney Harold Bolling, was ranked number one in overall performance in the 13- county Eastern Mountain Region and number 26 in overall performance statewide for the 2008-09 state fiscal year. The overall state ranking is based on each county’s performance in establishing paternity and child support court orders, […]

Now here’s a tip

• “When painting, coat the tops of your hands with petroleum jelly. A light coat will do. Then, when you are finished, the specks of paint from the roller will slide right off. The bonus is, your hands will feel soft as well.” — T.C. in Texas • “During hurricane season, when you lose power, bring in charged solar lights […]

Study finds rise in P.E. injuries

CHICAGO Injuries to American children during physical education classes increased by 150 percent from 1997-2007, a new study finds, a possible drawback to a movement encouraging more vigorous exercise in schools. Yet that may have less to do with lively gym programs than with lack of adult supervision, experts said. A decline in school nurses and larger class sizes could […]


BIRTHDAY — Imogene Griffie Caudill of Gordon, will celebrate her 82nd birthday on August 8.

Coal Men will mine alt-country, rock at concert here Saturday

“The laid-back drawl of Coal Men lead singer Dave Coleman falls somewhere between Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Ronnie Van Zant and Alan Jackson,” musician Mare Wakefield said of the alternativecountry and roots rock band The Coal Men in Performing Songwriter magazine. “Bluesy Hammond organ and twangy, Allman Brothers-style electric guitar complete the Southern rock vibe …” The Coal Men, of Nashville, Tenn., […]


AT THE LIBRARY — Students at Jenkins Head Start recently visited the Jenkins Public Library to search for books on bears. They also worked puzzles and on the computer with the help of a former Head Start student. Afterward, the children went to Jenkins City Park where they ran, climbed, used the swings, and saw ducks, geese, and pigeons.

Plane diverted

A flight attendant and a passenger were injured aboard a Northwest Airlines plane when it hit turbulence during a flight from Knoxville, Tenn., to Detroit Tuesday, an airline spokesman said. The Pinnacle Airlines regional jet took off at 4:25 p.m. and encountered turbulence 35 miles southwest of Louisville at 30,000 feet. It was forced to land at the Louisville airport […]