Severance fund cuts worry local officials

In a meeting that was notable for its brevity, the Letcher County Fiscal Court received a request from Whitesburg Appalachian Regional Hospital for an additional $100,000 in coal severance funding for construction costs in a facilities renovation. However, County Judge/Executive Jim Ward told ARH Administrator Dena Sparkman that the very funds she sought were in danger of being taken to […]

Yard sale planned

A yard sale by six families or more will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Nov. 20 and 21, Nov. 27 and 28, and Dec. 4 and 5 at Skyview Park at Haymond. Hot-dog sales will benefit the park. For more information, call 634- 7003.

We need a civilian ROTC

WASHINGTON Imagine a time when government work was exciting, widely admired, and much sought after. It seems an outlandish thought at a moment when you cannot turn on your television without hearing government spoken of as almost an alien creature. It is cast as far removed from the lives of average Americans and more likely to destroy the achievements of […]

Simple caramelized onions

Traditional cranberry sauce alongside the turkey is a must at Thanksgiving. But that doesn’t mean you can’t offer other condiments, as well. Caramelized onions with thyme are made mostly from simple ingredients you’re likely to have on hand. For a big meal like Thanksgiving, buy bagged onions, which generally cost less per pound than if you buy them loose. The […]

Smart Dieting

“Lose 20 pounds in a week!” “Set you metabolism on fire with Metabo-Inferno!” “Lose while you snooze!” These sorts of crazy diet claims are all over the Internet, TV and magazines. So how do you sort fact from fiction? Use Common Sense Whether you are trying to lose weight for you health or because you want to look good in […]


FIRST BIRTHDAY — Dylan Scott Eldridge will be turning one year old on Nov. 21 with a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party. He is pictured with a colorful fall display. He is the son of Brian and Bobbi Eldridge of Kingscreek. His grandparents are Dwayne and Robin Kincer of Jenkins, Bennie and Barbara Eldridge of Kingscreek, and Jonathan Kiser of Florida. […]

Gift boxes will go overseas

Some volunteers are busy carefully carrying tall stacks of gift-filled shoeboxes covered in bright, cheery wrapping paper from trunks of vehicles to a large room at the First Baptist Church in Whitesburg. Other volunteers are quickly looking through the rectangular boxes before they are packed in large brown boxes and placed on a 53-foot-tractor trailer truck parked near the church. […]

Shooting match

The Sons of the American Legion in Whitesburg will hold a shooting match on Nov. 22. Sign in is at 1 p.m. and the match will start at 2 p.m. For more information, call 633-2834.

GOP now the party of fiscal babies

Nearly every Republican these days calls for tax cuts and lower deficits, and in the same sentence. Point out that these goals clash — that taxes pay for government and not paying for government causes deficits, and the Republican counters, “We must shrink government, instead.” Sure. And you’re just the boys to do it. There hasn’t been a balanced budget […]

A light and fruity pie that’s perfect for Thanksgiving

This fruit filled cranberry pear frangipani pie is a light dessert to finish a Thanksgiving feast. (AP Photo/Larry Crowe) This beautiful pie gets a red hue from the cranberry sauce folded into the almond paste filling. Almond paste, which is distinct from marzipan, can be found in the grocer’s baking aisle. "Frangipani" is the name of the cream-style filling made […]