Whom can you trust on climate change?

When President Obama attends the United Nations meeting on climate in Copenhagen, you can be sure that the deniers of global warming will go on a romp. They’ll dredge up weather forecasters, scientists hungry for attention and various grudge-holders to argue that the Earth’s temperature isn’t rising, or that if it is, humankind plays no part in the process. I’m […]

KSP trooper, sergeant honored

Kentucky State Trooper Jennifer Sandlin and KSP Sgt. Jackie Pickrell were presented recently with awards by the Kentucky Women’s Law Enforcement Network. The awards were for exceptional valor while in the performance of their duties on January 2, in which they were both involved in a physical altercation with a subject in Perry County in which the subject was fatally […]

Tension headaches most common type

DEAR DR. DONOHUE: I went to the doctor because of headaches. On examining my eyes, she discovered that my pupils don’t constrict and dilate. She sent me to an eye doctor. He said I have an Adie’s pupil. Is this a disease or a syndrome? Can this be causing my headaches? He told me it was nothing. My headaches feel […]

David Maggard visits from Michigan

Big Cowan

I saw David Maggard, the son of the late Martin and Hazel Maggard, recently. He came to visit Irene and Eugene Day. He talked to us a few minutes before going out there. I hadn’t seen him since he was a teen-ager. He looks like his dad, and still lives in Michigan. It was good to see him. I hope […]

CBS News producer filmed here

NEW YORK CBS News producer Bernard Birnbaum, who helped shape the public’s view of issues ranging from poverty to the Watergate scandal while working alongside Walter Cronkite and Charles Kuralt, has died. Birnbaum died on Thanksgiving Day at Stony Brook University Medical Center in Stony Brook, New York, after having a heart attack while visiting relatives nearby. He was 89. […]

Nobody can take Christ out of Christmas

It’s December, which means it’s time to fire up Christian consumers to wage another battle in the mythical war on Christmas. Just in case we aren’t divided enough as a country, you understand. Focus on the Family, the group founded by conservative James Dobson, is calling for Christians to rate the “Christmas-friendliness” of retailers. The targets are stores that substitute […]

Obama orders 30,000-troop boost in Afghanistan

WEST POINT, N.Y. Declaring “our security is at stake,” President Barack Obama ordered an additional 30,000 U.S. troops into the long war in Afghanistan Tuesday night, nearly tripling the force he inherited as commander in chief. He promised an impatient public he would begin bringing units home in 18 months. The buildup to about 100,000 troops will begin almost immediately […]


Although healthy snacking is an essential part of your diabetes management, giving in to cravings can easily get out of control…Remember that cravings are temptations, not commands. But if food cravings take charge, here are some tips to help you fight back. Plan for Snacking. Carefully planning out and following your daily meals and snacks is not only a good […]

Smiths celebrate 54th anniversary


I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving holiday, with lots of good food and family to enjoy it with. The recent soup bean dinner fund-raiser for Travis Morton was a huge success. I think the amount raised by dinners and donations was about $5,600 or so. The community really came out and worked together to make the dinner a success. […]

To perform

Bluegrass Circle will perform at 7:30 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 5, at the Country Cabin II in Norton, Va. The facility is located across Alternate Rte. 58 from the original Country Cabin, 1 1/2 miles west of Norton. Admission for adults is $5, and $1 for children 2 through 11 years old. For more information, call (276) 679-3541.