Clooney’s ‘Up in the Air’ flies true

Film review

On rare occasions, putting a novel through the Hollywood wringer does the story a real service. The rather whiny tone of Walter Kirn’s “Up in the Air” vanishes in Jason Reitman’s extreme makeover of this travelogue comedy about a guy who traipses across America, firing people for a living while greedily counting the miles built up in his frequentflyer program. […]

The health care race is on

WASHINGTON This is the paradox of the moment: President Obama’s speech on Afghanistan and his subsequent jobs summit underscored why it’s essential to get a health care bill done quickly. The calendar of politics has an urgency that the dilatory pace of the U.S. Senate doesn’t match. Here’s the deal. If Obama gets to sign a health care bill before […]

Have breakfast with Santa at Hemphill

The annual Breakfast with Santa will be held at the Hemphill Community Center on Saturday, Dec. 12 from 8 until 11 a.m. Gravy, biscuits, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, bologna, Chocolate gravy and drinks will be served. This cost is adults $5 a plate, and children $3 a plate. Santa will be there to have pictures made with children. Pictures will […]


Swine flu now widespread only in 25 states, CDC says

ATLANTA Swine flu infections continue to wane, just as vaccine is becoming plentiful enough that some communities are allowing everyone to get it, not just those in priority groups. Swine flu is widespread in only 25 states — mostly in the Northeast and Southwest, officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. In late October, 48 states were […]

Snow looked so ‘Christmasy’


We sure had a pretty, snowy day last Saturday. The snow hung on the tree limbs and looked so ‘Christmasy.’ Linda Day has purchased the Grant and Clara Blair home and everyone is happy to have her back a little closer to her kinfolk in the area. She has been moving out of her apartment above Rodney Ison’s garage and […]

The way we were

Clips from Mountain Eagle front pages over the past 50 years

December 10, 1959 Engineering work reportedly already has started on a new highway from Central Kentucky to Eastern Kentucky. Reports from Frankfort indicated this week that engineers already are driving stakes for a 136-mile $75,000,000 road to link Prestonsburg, hometown of Kentucky’s new governor Bert Combs, with Winchester and Lexington. Purchase of a coal-loading ramp, known as the Frogpond ramp, […]

What I don’t know about Afghanistan

People keep asking me whether I agree with the president’s troop surge in Afghanistan. I am a lawyer. I know what to do with a hard question: Answer another one that is so similar that even the person asking may not notice you’ve changed it. So I answer that I absolutely support the president on this one, that I absolutely […]

Students benefit from fund-raiser

Samantha Short and Cory Baker, two Letcher County Central students who were chosen for the Kentucky Ambassadors of Music tour of Europe, June 30-July 15, benefited recently from a fundraiser by Delta Phi Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi. The group sold chances on a $50 gift card from Food City that was given away in November. The winner was David […]