Marker honoring miners who died in Scotia blasts get OK from state agency

The Kentucky Historical Society has given its approval for a historical marker in honor of those who died in the Scotia mine disaster in 1976. Respiratory Clinics of Eastern Kentucky and its parent company, Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation of Whitesburg, submitted the application and is sponsoring the historical marker. Mike Caudill, chief executive officer of MCHC, said a dedication ceremony […]

Award honors Harry Caudill

Penny Loeb’s “Moving Mountains has received the Harry Caudill Award. The $2,000 award is named in honor of the late Harry M. Caudill, Letcher County attorney and author. It is presented every two years by Bookworm & Silverfish, a book store in Wytheville, Va., to recognize investigative journalism in the Appalachian region. “Moving Mountains” is an account of Trish Bragg’s […]

Gibsons welcome new baby girl


I want to wish everyone a belated happy New Year. There has been so much going on that I hope I don’t leave anyone or anything out. First, I would like to extend get well wishes to Frances Whitaker. We are praying that she can recover soon. Also, I want to extend get well wishes to Norm Fleming, Robert Mullins, […]

San Francisco trio to perform here

The Wussies, an alternative band which formed in San Francisco, Calif., will be in Whitesburg this week for a performance at Summit City. The trio, whose latest album, “Karmic Retribution,” is expected to be released soon, will perform Saturday night at 9 p.m. Admission is $5. A video of the Wussies’ new song “Poison Apples” may be viewed at Summit […]

For seriously good carbs, reach for Alfredo

Whenever possible, keep things simple… and loaded with saturated fat. OK, this recipe for fettuccine Alfredo is easy enough to become a weeknight staple. With just four ingredients and about 20 minutes, you can have a breathtakingly good Alfredo on the table. The trouble is, it involves a stick of butter and half a pound of Parmesan cheese. Granted, that’s […]

Thank you

To the Editor: I was involved in collecting money for the Kingdom Come Community Center Outreach Christmas Program 2009. There are some people who donated to the program whom I want to thank publicly for their support and kindness: Maurice Royster with EQT Gas Co., Letcher County Judge Jim Ward, Letcher County Sheriff Danny Webb, Letcher County Court Clerk Winston […]

Six are charged with not paying child support

The Letcher County Grand Jury has six people charged in eight indictments with flagrant non support of their children for the period ending Dec. 31. Tim Martin, 41, of P.O. Box 54, Premium, is charged in two separate indictments with owing $4,632 and $2,225 in support. Charles Dollarhide, 37, of 330 Henry Ison Hollow, Whitesburg, and 212 Boggs Hollow, Whitesburg, […]

A baffling illness

DEAR DR. DONOHUE: My 50-year-old daughter has been diagnosed with fi- bromyalgia. She is in a great deal of pain, and medications have provided no relief. She has been told there is no cure. Exactly what is fibromyalgia? What causes it? — E.F. ANSWER: Fibromyalgia is a baffling illness whose two principal symptoms are pain and fatigue. The pain is […]

Hamptons, Flemings mark anniversaries

Hello once again. Thank goodness we are seeing a break in the weather. I hope everyone is enjoying these slightly warm days; I know I am. I don’t mind the rain, I just don’t like the slick roads from all the snow. I’d like to say happy birthday to some who have birthdays in the month of January: Christy Collier […]

An inside look at a boy band on Nick’s new comedy show

NEW YORK Four hockey-loving teenage pals from the nation’s frigid heartland get a crack at music stardom as a boy band in sunny L.A. What a break! But the deal almost collapses when the excitable record exec, Gustavo Rocque, picks only one of the lads at an audition in their Minnesota hometown. Unacceptable. On “Big Time Rush,” Nickelodeon’s new comedy […]