The way we were

Clips from Mountain Eagle front pages over the past 50 years

May 26, 1960 Letcher County’s eight magistrates may have to take a cut in pay as a result of the county’s loss in population as revealed in the 1960 census.  Letcher Countians’ taxes for 1960 will be based on property valuation totaling $21,106,534, Commissioner Ottis Amburgey announced. This total is $919,846 over the valuation for 1959.  Letcher County’s […]

Car Talk

Lack of button-pushing is not the problem

Dear Tom and Ray: We are Americans living in England, and have a 2000 VW Beetle automatic that I named Betty. I hope you can settle a domestic argument for us (preferably by siding with me). The VW is my “baby,” and until I started living with Matt, the car was aging, but otherwise the transmission was fine. In the […]


ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Still operating under a full head of self-esteem makes you want to tackle a matter you had shied away from. OK. But be sure to arm yourself with facts before you make a move. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) That smart move you recently made caught the attention of a lot of people, […]


RECAPS – 5/24-5/28

ALL MY CHILDREN Æ Caleb rescued Erica from the plane crash, but made her do chores for room and board. Erica failed to show up at Emma’s party, but David gave her two gifts saying that one was from Erica. David and Greenlee agreed to go on a double date with Jesse and Angie. Erica tried to leave Caleb’s cabin […]

Rise of food blogs creates pasta paparazzi

Grant Achatz is happy that food bloggers are so excited about dining at his renowned Alinea restaurant in Chicago that they want to shoot photos and even video of their experience. And he embraces the Web as the new medium for disseminating dining information. But he does wish they’d just sit and enjoy their food while it’s hot. “It’s a […]

Top Chefs star in online university

You’ve watched them whip up delectable dishes, and a soupcon of drama, in the Top Chef kitchen. Now, stars of the hit Bravo TV series are ready to school their fans: Pack your knives and go… online. Top Chef University. com, formally launching this week, is designed to give users the experience of culinary school at their own pace, with […]

Heathy pork: Cut the fat, but up the flavor

If you grill meat regularly, it’s worth considering ways to cut the fat but keep the flavor. Though the marbling of many meats can’t be cut away (and to keep things flavorful, you wouldn’t want to), trimming any visible fat from the exterior of the meat is an easy way to reduce your intake. With poultry, the same effect is […]

Fresh for summer: A healthy bread hot off the grill

Want to transform pizza from greasy to healthy? You can start by leaving off the cheese. In fact, most of time it’s the toppings that turn pizza into junk food. Add sausage, pepperoni or bacon and your favorite pie by turns into a fat and calorie catastrophe. It isn’t hard, however, to end up with a relatively healthy meal, especially […]

Candidates should remove signs

I sure am glad to see the primary election come to a close, and I hope all the campaign signs will be removed from public view as soon as it is feasible to do so. A good portion of the campaign signs will no doubt be left to blow in the wind, especially those of the losers. Personally, I think […]

Moments and Memories of WHS

Principal of Whitesburg High School, 1919-1927 Henry Howell Harris was born in Turkey Cove, Lee County, Va., on December 16, 1859, and educated at Mountain View High School and College, taught at Green Hill, Owsley County seven years, at Beattyville, 18 years, at Jackson seven years, and in 1919 he came to Letcher County and taught at Hot Spot, Haymond, […]