Dan Aykroyd is smarter than the average bear as ‘Yogi’

LOS ANGELES Dan Aykroyd has been rehearsing for the lead voice in “Yogi Bear” for half a century. Aykroyd, whose killer vocal impersonations on “Saturday Night Live” included Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon and Robert Stack’s Eliot Ness of “The Untouchables,” was doing Yogi in childhood, when the smarter-than-your-average bear provided solace after a long school day in the arctic Canadian […]

Recycling for hospital treatment

Trevor Hardin, a fourthgrade student at Jenkins Independent School, has collected more than 7,000 plastic bottle lids to assist children who are patients at Shriner’s Hospital. Trevor began collecting over a year ago and has involved many of his family members, friends and teachers in the project. His mother, Angie Hardin, said, “There were pop lids everywhere in our house. […]

Books off er skinny on best food choices

NEW YORK Looks like Americans really do like being told what to eat. Three years after first telling readers to pick McNuggets over Filet-O-Fish and the low-carb slice over the deep dish pizza, books in the “Eat This, Not That!” series continue to offer sometimes surprising restaurant and supermarket tips. The latest entries: the 2011 edition of “Eat This, Not […]

Sen.-elect Paul names staff members

Rand Paul, who will replace Sen. Jim Bunning in representing Kentucky in January, has announced some of the people who will staff his offices, including some who worked for Bunning. William Henderson, who has been Bunning’s legislative director and counsel and staff director of Bunning’s Banking Committee subcommittee, will be Paul’s deputy chief of staff and legislative director. Rachel McCubbin […]

Gabby’s fishing fever

Fishing for bass in early winter

The weather may be freezing, but it still is not the dead of winter. The effect this has on largemouth bass fishing is that bass are moving back off the shallower banks and will look for areas that have deeper water close by and some type of cover. Bass will use many different types of areas to hold around at […]

R. Kelly releases masterpiece

Audio review

R. Kelly, “Love Letter” (Jive) Is that you, R. Kelly? That may be a fair question to ask after listening to “Love Letter,” the brilliant new album from the self-proclaimed Pied Piper of R&B. “Love Letter” is a gorgeous, 15-track ode to the various stages of love, drawing from a retro soul style and delivered with romantic grace. While there’s […]

Family grows, Christmas tree shrinks

Northeast Ohio

Got snow? Want some? I’m not complaining about the amount we have after watching the weather on television last night and seeing what they got east of us, which includes the snowbelt and Cleveland. It was terrible, but it is looking more like Christmas. I just about have all my shopping and bagging finished. Next on the list is putting […]

Clogged heart arteries cause of angina pain

DEAR DR. DONOHUE: I am 56, a woman and have angina. I don’t understand it too well. I have never smoked, and I am not overweight. I’d get chest pains if I hurried to catch a bus or to get on an open elevator. When it first started, my doctor gave me a medicine to put under my tongue when […]

AARP to meet Dec. 16

The Letcher County AARP Chapter will meet on Thursday, Dec. 16, at 6 p.m. at the Blackey Senior Citizens Center. Dinner will be potluck snacks. The guest speaker will be Don Rose, a chapter specialist from the Winchester office, speaking about chapters’ roles in legislative matters concerning seniors. Those attending should bring an item for the Veterans Center, nonperishable food […]

A few newsworthy events

The 2010 Sprint Cup season not only gave us the best Chase since its inception, but also provided plenty of stories that fueled our interest from February to November. While the sport still has some problems with empty seats and sagging TV ratings, the action on the track provided enough excitement to make the three-month off -season seem like an […]