Trash pickup changes may come

An accident in which a sanitation worker narrowly escaped serious injury is expected to bring changes to the way trash is collected in Letcher County. Letcher County Sanitation Dept. driver Larry Sturgill somehow escaped injury on Dec. 30 when the “mini-packer” truck he was driving slid off an icy driveway near Deane and rolled over a hill, crushing the truck’s […]

Case of missing millionaires

A daffy Wall Street Journal editorial about the “vanishing millionaires” of Oregon lit a spark in a fairly humorless week. It offers the usual boilerplate about the rich fleeing to tax-friendlier provinces because their state raised taxes, but this time with a great visual: “One-quarter of the rich tax filers seem to have gone missing.” Where did they go? You […]


Harrellson’s smile makes lasting impression

Sports in Kentucky

Josh Harrellson’s face is a Kentucky map this week. Broader than long, proud, blue, with a smile in the middle stretching from Henderson to Knott County. Kentucky’s win at Yum! Center is different things to different people. For Big Blue Nation, big dollar programs, a wrap on another Year of the Cat. For UofL, schooled. Period. For John Calipari, an […]


were pictured in November 1994, greatgreat grandmother Cindy Howard, great-grandmother Oma Hatton, grandfather Astor Hatton, mother Jennifer Shaffer, and Taylor Shaffer, who is now 16 years old. Cindy Howard died one month after the picture was taken.

Coal stocks double, tonnage prices up

Stocks for major coal companies doing business in and around Letcher County reached new highs this week during what America’s top investment magazine called a “perfect storm of severe weather affecting both supply and demand.” The magazine, Barron’s, predicted that coal prices, which have already risen dramatically, will continue on the upswing in 2011. Massive flooding in northeast Australia and […]

Explosion might be broken connecting rod

Car Talk

Dear Tom and Ray: I have a 1999 Camry CE that is maintained on a regular basis. Since I am a senior citizen, the annual mileage is about 3,000 miles per year. Yesterday the car was parked in a garage for about one hour. I returned and turned on the ignition. After one minute, I saw on the panel the […]

Andrew Wright to be buried Friday

Andrew Wright Jr., 66, died January 3 at his home in Columbia after a short illness. A native of Pike County, he was a son of the late Andrew and Draxie Elkins Wright. Wright was a welder for General Motors and a U.S. Marine veteran. He attended the Church of God. Survivors include his wife, Sally Lowe Wright ; two […]

Gabby’s fishing fever

Fishing hair jigs for winter smallmouth

Every hardcore fisherman has a “go to” bait to depend on to put fish in the boat when no other bait will work. For myself this bait is a hair jig. Many anglers will tell you that a hair jig is just for winter and cold water fishing, but I can tell you that I use the hair jig all […]