Matthew Perry is ‘Mr. Sunshine’

NEW YORK On his new ABC sitcom, “Mr. Sunshine,” Matthew Perry plays a chap whose life is clouded. He plays Ben Donovan, the manager of a big San Diego sports arena, the Sunshine Center, which hosts a variety of attractions. “Every night, 17,505 people come here expecting to have a good time,” Ben declares. “And I make sure they do.” […]

Cupid Picks


Lady Cougars riding 6-game win streak

With four victories over the past week, the Letcher County Central High School Lady Cougars improved their record to 15-8 — including a six-game winning streak. But perhaps more importantly, it seems that the Lady Cougars are improving in leaps and bounds after recovering from the rash of injuries this season that has cost them their leading scorer, Kelah Eldridge, […]

Reader really lucked out with no oil cap

Dear Tom and Ray: I recently drove about a thousand miles without my oil cap. It’s a 2005 Toyota Sequoia, and I was off-road for about 10 days at the same time. When I got home, no oil cap! (Human error all the way.) I checked the oil, and it was good all the way to the “full” mark, and […]

Ed Asner glad to be the ‘crab’ on CMT series ‘Working Class’

LOS ANGELES Ed Asner, a busy actor at age 81, waves away any comparison to Betty White, Hollywood’s 89-yearold champion of the work ethic. “She’s not the female me. She’s the big cheese. She certainly is the mark I shoot for,” Asner said. While White has shaken up her image by hosting “Saturday Night Live” and with the TV Land […]

Old photos bring back memories

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well. The weather is doing fine for the time being. I hope it stays snow free and even rain free for a while, but we will take whatever comes and just try to rejoice in it. It was so good hearing from Judy Dent in Michigan a few days ago. She was thanking […]

Grand jury indicts seven

The Letcher County Grand Jury named seven people in nine indictments on February 3, including a man charged with robbing the Whitesburg Super 8 Motel. Mark Joseph Morton, 25, of 95 Bicycle Lane, Whitesburg, is charged with threatening Malachi Longworth with a butcher knife while robbing the Super 8 Motel of $553.73 on Dec. 16. He is also accused of […]

Struttin’ Time

Worse than being bitten by a horse

This is part two of a story sent to me by a rancher friend of mine, and a cowboy poet. Here are his words: I just wanted to get that devil creature off the end of that rope; there was no love between me and that deer. Despite the gash in my head and the several large knots where I […]

Missing moderate Republicans

One of the more disagreeable traits of many tea party “spokespeople,” aside from their loose connection with facts, is their zest for threatening Republicans who don’t leap when they say “jump.” I appreciate that these voices are largely self-appointed, and that many subscribers to the movement may not agree with this approach. But boy, it’s painful to see grown statesmen […]