Fixing heart valve sans surgery

NEW ORLEANS Cardiologists are reporting a major advance: A longawaited study suggests that many people with a bad aortic valve, the heart’s main gate, can avoid open-heart surgery and have a new one placed through a tube in an artery instead. There is a downside — a higher risk of stroke — and uncertainty about how long these valves will […]

Clotheslines bring many memories

Hello once again, everyone! Well, the calendar says spring is here. Like the little old lady who used to do the Wendy’s commercials would ask, where’s the beef? Right now I would like to know where is the warmth that comes with spring. Last week it snowed so hard then there was sleet. The week before there was hail as […]

Premium woman gets probation for scheming to get food stamps

A Premium woman was placed on supervised probation after pleading guilty to amended charges of making false statements to obtain $15,375 in public assistance benefits. Beverly Eileen Banks, 435 Bee Tree Branch, pleaded guilty in Letcher Circuit Court to two counts of false statement/misrepresentation to receive benefits more than $500, two counts of failure to report change in factors determining […]

Donkey rescued from heavy traffic

A male donkey was captured uninjured after disrupting traffic twice on the Whitesburg Bypass Monday. Police are now looking for the animal’s owner. Authorities received their first complaint of a jack on the loose at Caudilltown around 8 a.m. on Monday. Soon after, the donkey was spotted in the Food City parking lot and then nearby in the Mountain Comprehensive […]

Blackberry cobbler

It used to be a custom in our part of the country to have workings to help out neighbors with farm work. If somebody had a large field of corn to hoe or a field of hay to mow, all the neighbors would gather in to help for a day. All In Fun Usually the person being helped would furnish […]

Bladder infections are bane of women

DEAR DR. DONOHUE: Please explain urinary tract infections. Why do they recur? My doctor prescribes antibiotics, but shortly after I’ve completed taking them, I have another infection. What do you suggest as treatment? A pharmacist told me that I needed one or two days in the hospital to flush out my kidneys. — S.A. ANSWER: Urinary tract infections fall into […]

Fans loyal to Taylor Swift

LAS VEGAS Taylor Swift might not be able to count on the men in her life, but her fans have yet to let her down. And now they have rewarded her with one of the biggest prizes in country music — The Academy of Country Music’s entertainer of the year award. A record of nearly 600,000 voters participated in selecting […]

New garbage pick-up rules in effect April 18

A new county ordinance on curbing garbage will take effect April 18. If your trash is now being collected by the Letcher County Sanitation Dept., it must be brought to the end of your driveway located nearest a state, city or county road, according to Solid Waste Coordinator Gary Cornett. Cornett said sanitation workers will not be allowed to come […]

Sexton rites held

Funeral services for Nathan Sexton, 59, of Blackey, were held April 4 at Letcher Funeral Home in Whitesburg. Burial was in Sexton Cemetery at Camp Branch. A son of the late Charlie and Louisa Lucas Sexton, he died April 1 at Whitesburg Appalachian Regional Hospital. Surviving are two daughters, Jessica Sexton, Carleton, Mich., and Candice Sexton, Taylor, Mich.; four brothers, […]

Car Talk

Neighbor giving unwanted advice Dear Tom and Ray: My neighbor, who does not impress me as having an IQ above that of a Neanderthal, told me the other day that while he didn’t want to be minding my business for me, I am “ruining my car parking it the way I am.” I don’t know whether he has a point […]