I’m sorry, Mitt. I’m probably the last person in the world you’d want saying a nice word about you. Maybe you can trot this out in the general election. Maybe the likes of me will keep you from ever getting there. But you did a very good thing in Massachusetts. Without getting too personal, my brother and his family found […]

Rebecca Fields marks her sweet 16 birthday

Big Cowan

Hello everyone, I hope all had a good week. Monday’s cooler weather was a welcome break from all the hot weather we’ve been having lately. My niece, Pamela Sue Fields, was in from Arkansas last week visiting with her sister, Juanita Fields Smith, her dad, Archie, and Margaret Pack Fields, James and I, and Kathy and Eddie. Her daughter, Jasmine […]


Cancer med costs stun seniors

Facing a life-and-death struggle with kidney cancer, Rita Moore took her prescription for a new kind of chemotherapy pill to her local drugstore. She was stunned when the pharmacist told her the cost for a month’s supply would be $2,400, well beyond her income. Medicare drug plans that cover seniors like Moore are allowed to charge steep copayments for the […]

2011-06-15 E-Edition


Rites held for Charles Ballou

Charles Allen Ballou, 79, died June 4 at his home in Bill Moore Branch. Born in Keno, he was a son of the late Kelly and Ida Jane Casada Ballou, and the widower of Linda Branham Ballou. He was the father of the late Charles Ballou Jr., a grandfather of the late Sheldon Ray White, and a brother of the […]


Bed-wetting affects children very deeply

DEAR DR. DONOHUE: Our grandson soon will be 15. He still wets the bed. His parents have done everything from pills to alarms, but nothing helps. Sometimes he gets depressed, and that scares us. He says he will never be able to have a relationship with a girl. Sometimes we worry that he will hurt himself. Is there anything that […]

Gridlocking lives of jobless

WASHINGTON Welcome to the miserable world of no-way-out politics. The economy needs another jolt, but Congress is in gridlock. Democrats, or most of them, realize that their political futures and the well-being of millions of households hang on whether unemployment can be brought down. Yet Republicans have the capacity to block even the smallest steps forward. Here’s what the Democrats’ […]