Reality show featuring Mayking family to begin airing this week

The world premiere of a reality show featuring a Mayking family and snakes will air tomorrow night on Animal Planet. “Snake Man of Appalachia” follows Verlin Short as he attends church services where snakes are handled and catches copperheads and rattlesnakes in eastern Kentucky and West Virginia. The show also captures Short’s softer side in scenes with his family. In […]

State suffers most when lawmakers gather in Frankfort

The Kentucky General Assembly is in session. When I think of some of the con artists who constitute the state legislature I am reminded of a Harlan Howard- Bobby Braddock song that Iris De- Ment sings, “God May Forgive You (But I Won’t).” Among the song’s lyrics are these: “God may forgive you, but I won’t. Yes, Jesus loves you, […]

Political Cartoon

Corporate money rules

And away we go! Not just into the rest of the new year, but —zap! — suddenly we find ourselves catapulted en masse into the turbulent Twilight Zone of the 2012 presidential election. On day three of the year, while most of us were still woozy from our New Year’s Eve celebration, Iowa voted. Well … sort of. The media’s […]

Consumer bureau helps prudent too

Let’s set aside the back-andforth over the recess appointment of Richard Cordray as chief watchdog at the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. President Obama named the former Ohio attorney general to lead the agency when the Senate was supposedly out of session, which he’s allowed to do. Republicans refuse to confirm him without changes that would render the bureau toothless. […]

A GOP circular firing squad?

WINDHAM, N.H. It isn’t every day that political candidates are asked whether the 10th Amendment allows states to nullify federal laws, but that was precisely the question Rick Santorum faced at a forum here a few days ago organized by a libertarian-leaning group. To his credit, Santorum did not pander to the nullifier. “We had a Civil War about nullification,” […]

We are the women

The front section of The New York Times’ Dec. 28 issue has been sitting on my kitchen counter in Ohio, growing increasingly crinkled from use and sprinkled with circles, arrows and the occasional exclamation point. The recent wave of anti-choice legislation in my state and across the country has made me keenly aware of attacks on women in America. Perhaps […]

Jenkins council approves plans for war memorial

The City of Jenkins took one step closer to the construction of a long awaited memorial to local World War II veterans, as architect Jarred Tackett of Richardson Associates presented drawings of the proposed memorial for the approval of the Jenkins City Council at its January meeting Tuesday night. Tackett gave each board member a handout describing the monument in […]

Robert Sexton Jr. buried at Deane

Robert Sexton Jr., 66, died January 6 at his home in Whitesburg. Born in Fleming-Neon to the late Robert ‘Preacher Bob’ and Siller Collins Sexton, he was a brother of the late Mary Rose, William Bryan Sexton and Robert Luther Sexton. A U.S. Army veteran, he served 13 months in Korea during the Vietnam War. He had worked for the […]

Alta Taylor dies

Funeral services for Alta Taylor, 86, will be held January 11 at Letcher Funeral Home. Burial will be in Green Acres Cemetery at Ermine. A daughter of the late Bruce and Bessie Oney Rudd, she died January 9 at Letcher Manor Nursing Home. She was the widow of Raymond ‘Buster’ Taylor and the mother of the late Sylvia Jean Taylor, […]