Mother’s Day brings flowers for mom


Hello everyone. Hope you are all doing well, and hope all you mothers had a great Mother’s Day. I had a very good day, lots of pretty flowers from my granddaughter Wendy Day, and roses from Larry and Linda and Billy and Sandra. Thank you, Billy, for planting them. All the cards and phone calls, too. Astor and Rob will […]

Appalachian Festival a success

Southern Ohio

Hello again everyone! I sure hope everyone is staying dry wherever you may be! I think I may be needing the canoe that belongs to my daughter Anna Nottingham that sits along side my house. Appalachian Festival was this weekend. I went Saturday and it was glorious. A more perfect day you will never see, and then Sunday it rained […]


In praise or firemen

To the Editor: We would like to thank the four fire departments — Kingscreek, Sandlick, Letcher and Mayking — that responded to the fire at our store, Krystal’s Video & Tanning at UZ. We would like to say thank you to the volunteers for their quick response time and their hard effort in trying to restrain the fire at our […]

Justin Cornett, Jacqueline McCall wed


Rhonda Hatton Hudson has recently been in the hospital. She has cancer and has been having problems with that. I wish her best. She was able to attend the wedding of her nephew. Justin Cornett and Jacqueline McCall Cornett were married at the Blackey Missionary Baptist Church. Justin is the son of Carlos and Connie Cornett of Blackey and Jacqueline […]

Pat Large to mark birthday

Big Cowan

Hope all had a wonderful Mother’s Day and are thankful to be alive for another year. Makes us appreciate the wonderful mothers who have gone on before. They set a good example for us and are missed very much. They are still needing volunteers to Weed-eat the Obie Fields Cemetery. (Bring your own Weed-eater.) If anyone wants to help, be […]


Have we gone too far with ‘hate’?

Some who are in love with athletics and become experts through the Internet are too often these days a collective of contrarians — some disagreeably disagreeable. Says here that fans throw the word “hate” around too casually these days: “I hate Duke.” “I hate Christian Laettner.” “I hate Bob Knight.” And of course, “I hate sports writers.” Last week a […]

Rock legend tells it all

Gregg Allman thinks about his late brother Duane every day. And once in a while, he can feel his presence. “I can tell when he’s there, man,” Allman said. “I’m not going to get all cosmic on you. But listen, he’s there.” The untimely death of the game-changing rock ‘n’ roll guitarist is a central theme in Gregg Allman’s life […]

Legendary raid on Japan 70 years ago

Just a few days after the attack on Hawaii by the Japanese, President Roosevelt called his military together to come up with a plan to punish them for their sneak attack. The plan they came up with could turn out to be a suicide mission for the old Army Air Corps. Our military knew that the Japanese thought they knew […]