The Way We Were

Clips from available Mountain Eagle pages since our founding in 1908

February 11 1943 The executive council of the Letcher County Liquor Control Association met January 5 at the Baptist Church in Whitesburg to organize for the local-option election the association asked for after a public meeting in the Letcher County Courthouse on January 1. Committee president Thomas B. Hale said the group’s campaign to become Kentucky’s 69th dry county would […]

Supt. Craft resigns post effective June 30

Letcher Schools Superintendent Anna Craft has announced her retirement effective June 30. Craft’s surprising announcement was contained in a letter read near the end of a specialcalled meeting held by the Letcher County Board of Education Monday night to address a review of Craft’s contract and to hire a school board attorney and board secretary. Craft asked Board Attorney Darrell […]

Dangers of salt

DEAR DR. DONOHUE: Will you please provide the pros and cons of using salt in the diet? Why is water retention considered so bad? I am an 81-year-old man with stents in five heart arteries and one in the left carotid artery. My blood pressure is controlled with one medicine. — E.W. ANSWER: What makes salt (sodium, sodium chloride) a […]

Services held for Ed Bentley

Ed Bentley, 81, died February 4 at his home at Jackhorn. Born in Pike County, he was a son of the late William Payne and Nancy Ann Stewart Bentley. He was also preceded in death by three sisters, Mary, Marie and Helen, and eight brothers, Bill, Wilburn, Robert, Walter, Elish, Jesse, Payne Jr. and Ballard. He was a retired coal […]

Jenkins soldier on bomber that went missing in WW II

As was the case with many of the 149 soldiers from Letcher County who were killed in World War II, little information was released about Sgt. Wilfred Durde Coyer after the B-25C bomber on which he was a crew member went missing soon after taking off from an airstrip on the island of New Guinea early in 1943. “Friends in […]

Whitesburg council hears of problems with water, sewer

The Whitesburg City Council heard a proposal for a farmer’s market and some bad news about water lines and sewer lift stations at its February meeting Tuesday night. Water Maintenance Director Chris Caudill told the council that pumps at a number of sewer lift stations had gone down recently and while some will be able to be rebuilt, at least […]

Vegetarian Diets and Diabetes

Is a vegetarian diet good for people with diabetes? Since vegetarian diets generally contain less fat (including saturated fat) and cholesterol, and include more dietary fiber, they certainly have some advantages over non-vegetarian diets. A vegetarian diet can: • Reduce the risk of cardiovascular complications associated with diabetes • Contribute to weight loss, which can improve type 2 diabetes in […]

Emma Lou Engle has heart attack

Northeast Ohio

To all of Emma’s readers and family, As you probably have guessed, this is not Emma Lou writing this article at this time. This is an update about her situation. As of this writing she is at Main Street Care Facility at 500 Community Drive in Avon Lake, Ohio 44012. She went to the Mercy Hospital emergency room Sunday and […]

Good neighbors are appreciated


Hello everyone, hope you are all doing OK. It’s such a beautiful day (Saturday). It sure doesn’t feel like February! Don’t even need a coat and that’s fine with me. I thought about all the bad weather in Connecticut . Thirty inches of snow and thousands of people without power. I sure hope they get it back soon. Dorthy Tacket […]

Report: Kentucky has high felony disenfranchisement rate

Nearly a quarter-million people in Kentucky are denied voting rights due to prior felony convictions, ranking among the highest disenfranchisement rates in the country, a new report said this week. Voting booths are offlimits to one of every 14 adults in Kentucky, nearly three times the national rate, according to the report released by the League of Women Voters of […]