Going nuts for the Mediterranean diet

So now the new thing is to eat nuts. “Nuts keep you healthy.” “Hearts love nuts.” “Go nuts for the Mediterranean diet!” Let me tell you about nuts. Eating them is all I do. I’m a squirrel, and I coulda told you that nuts are the cat’s meow — except I’m scared of cats. Just as you humans are scared […]

Is changing from gas to diesel worth it?

Car Talk

Dear Tom and Ray: My husband’s latest great idea is to convert our 2001 Ford F-150 truck from gas to diesel. I would very much like to know if this is worth the time and money to do. The truck currently has more than 100,000 miles and is driven maybe a few times a month, but he is convinced that […]

Struttin’ Time

Some things just never seem to change

It seems as though some things never change in my life. Although I have met very few people here at my new home in Estill County, more people have been stopping by to meet me. The other night some people asked me to help them start a chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation. Upon hearing this request, my memory […]

Shooting match

A shooting match will be held at 6 p.m., March 8, and 2 p.m., March 10, at the Whitesburg American Legion Post. For more information, call 633-2834 or 335-3873.

Alpha says it’s not a part of any plan to hire 800 miners

Alpha Natural Resources is not “in any discussions or negotiations” to reopen any of its closed mines in eastern Kentucky or southwest Virginia, a company spokesman says. Recent television and newspaper reports — along with comments by some public officials — have fueled speculation that Bristol, Va.-based Alpha has been working with two outside companies to reopen at least five […]

The Way We Were

The story of Col. Whitaker, war hero and commander

When the March 4, 1943 edition of The Mountain Eagle hit the streets, many Letcher Countians began learning for the first time about the outstanding military career of then-U.S. Army Air Forces Maj. Narce Whitaker, a highly-decorated pilot in World War II. Whitaker lived at Mill Branch at Roxana and attended the Stuart Robinson School at Blackey. He enlisted in […]

Harvest Church to host dinner

Bach Court

Harvest Baptist Church is having dinner on March 17 and is having a special singer, Steve Caudill. I enjoyed talking to Fran Hicks and Randy Dollarhyde at Walmart Monday evening. We were talking and I was invited to the dinner. Seth Collins is the pastor, and all are invited. Nena Blair and myself enjoyed Chinese food at Jumbo House Monday […]

Keeping cool this summer will cost $$ for some

Three Letcher County air-conditioning and heating contractors are concerned that the escalating cost of Freon R-22 will place a hardship on residents whose air conditioning units need a replenishing of the gas refrigerant. “It’s a bad timing with people out of work,” sad Bobby Howard, owner of Bobby Howard & Sons Heating and Cooling. “They want to Band-Aid them up […]