Who is really stalking our kids?

This is a new development, and it’s a big one: A school district in California has hired a firm to monitor the public postings of its 13,500 students. It will analyze the students’ content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and some other sites, looking for hints of “cyberbullying, harm, hate, despair, substance abuse, vandalism and truancy,” according to a story in […]

Make sure you ask me about my grandchildren

Points East

I need to find me one of those tee-shirts, or maybe a sweat shirt, or maybe both, that has emblazoned in big bold letters front and back, the following message: I DARE YOU TO ASK ME ABOUT MY GRANDKIDS. I figure that if you ask first I won’t feel guilty about bringing up the subject of one or the other […]

Struttin’ Time:

Cowan student enjoys hunting

The thought went through my mind as I sat down to write this week’s Struttin’ Time, I have been writing “Struttin’ Time” in The Mountain Eagle longer than some of the people that we write about are old. This week is a case in point. We encourage our youth to get out into the great outdoors and see what nature […]

School expected to reopen after threat scare

Letcher County Central High School was closed temporarily this morning after school officials learned of a possible “threat,” but is expected to reopen soon. Letcher Schools Supt. Tony Sergent said all Letcher Central students were safe this morning while officials investigated the possible threat. “Everything is fine,” said Sergent. “Everyone is safe. It’s essentially just a comment made to another […]

Budget woes lead to layoffs of four in sheriff ’s office here

Four employees of the Letcher County Sheriff ’s Department were laid off Tuesday. Those cut include a fulltime officer, a part-time officer and two office personnel. One of the office personnel was a fulltime dispatcher. “We’re going to do everything we can to provide law enforcement services to the county,” said Letcher County Sheriff Danny Webb. “Hopefully, this is a […]

Political Cartoon

Boys accepting HPV vaccine

When the HPV vaccine was first recommended for boys, health officials worried it would be an unusually hard sell. But a new report suggests that might not be the case. About 1 in 5 boys got at least one of the recommended three doses last year, relatively good for a new vaccine aimed at adolescents. The shots are largely intended […]

Moments and Memories of WHS

1988 Mr. and Miss Whitesburg High School The honor of Mr. and Miss WHS has been awarded to Mark Wampler and Whitney Craft. This honor is awarded each year to two outstanding students on the basis of their leadership abilities, courtesy toward their fellow students, and strength of character. Whitney is the daughter of James and Delta Craft of Whitesburg. […]

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