Bill for statewide smoking ban now stalled in House

The bill for a statewide smoking ban has stalled, with the prime sponsor saying House leaders are blocking a vote to protect members who have told the sponsor they would vote for it, but have told the leaders they don’t want a vote because they don’t want it to be used against them in their re-election bids. The prime sponsor, […]

Scholarships being offered

The Mountain Heritage Festival Committee is accepting applications for the 2014 fall semester. The scholarship applications are available at www.mountainheritagefestival. com under the applications heading. Applications will also be available through the school’s guidance counselors or by calling Lee Anna Mullins at 633-9644. There will be four scholarships awarded in the amount of $250 each. The scholarships are available to […]

Coming events

This guide is published by The Mountain Eagle as a public service to help keep readers informed about entertainment events within driving distance of Letcher County. All dates are subject to change. Always check with the venues listed before traveling long distances. LETCHER COUNTY ROCK, POP, BLUES, RAP, CHRISTIAN, JAZZ BRIAN CAMPBELL; Fri., March 7 at Summit City in Whitesburg. […]

Slow moving chicken

At our farm on Cane Branch, we did not have a lot of free time, winter or summer. We sometimes went coon hunting at night with our dad. When it got dark in those mountains, it got very dark. We did not know what a streetlight looked like. We only had coal oil lamps to light up our house. I […]

Underdog 1, Bully 0

It’s all too easy to find people willing to mistreat others because they can. It happens in restaurants where managers skim servers’ tips. In checkout lines where customers yak on cellphones while ignoring the cashiers standing right in front of them. In office buildings across the country, where professionals walk past desk guards, custodians and support staff every day as […]

Farmers’ Market meeting planned

A planning meeting for the Letcher County Farmers’ Market will be held at 6 p.m., March 6, at the Letcher County Extension Office. For more information, call Valerie Horn at (606) 634- 9468 or Ben West at (606) 632-9368.

Teen helps scientists study her own mysterious disease

First the teenager survived a rare cancer. Then she wanted to study it, spurring a study that helped scientists find a weird gene flaw that might play a role in how the tumor strikes. Age 18 is pretty young to be listed as an author of a study in the prestigious journal Science. But the industrious high school student’s efforts […]

The new four-wheel-drive systems are a driver’s dream

Car Talk

Dear Tom and Ray: My daughter just purchased a used 2004 Honda CR-V with four-wheel drive. My question is: How do you use the four-wheel drive effectively? When do you turn on four-wheel drive, and when do you turn it off? Thanks. — Claudine TOM: There are several types of four-wheel-drive systems, Claudine. Your daughter has the best kind — […]

Hurray for GOP tax plan

A Republican leader is doing something right … and good. He is Rep. David Camp of Michigan. Camp has issued a detailed plan for simplifying the tax code. That’s his duty as chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, which writes tax law. Reforming the 70,000-page abomination that is our tax laws — and making them fairer — has […]

Bible trivia

1. Is the Song of Solomon in the Old or New Testament or neither? 2. In Numbers 16, who ran into the congregation carrying incense to stop a plague? Moses, Aaron, Izhar, Anak 3. To whom did Paul address, “Mine own son after the common faith”? Timothy, Philemon, Titus, James 4. In 1 Kings 5, what type of trees out […]