Mental illness and suicide hit our ‘winners’ as well

When the news rippled out on Monday that Robin Williams had committed suicide, even I thought — for a moment — “but he had everything.” As if suicide is a “choice.” I say “even I” because I know better. My mother was seriously depressed for much of her life. A close friend’s husband committed suicide years ago, and he had […]

Mitch visits here

Campaigning in Letcher and other eastern Kentucky counties last week, Sen. Mitch McConnell pinned the loss of thousands of Kentucky mining jobs on President Barack Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency and said his Democratic election rival would be a vote to continue them in Congress. Rarely, if ever, mentioning Alison Lundergan Grimes by name, McConnell instead said unspecified “people are against […]

McRoberts Days Parade

Selling minimalism has been easy since ‘Wizard of Oz’ days

It matters not whether you are sizing up, sizing down or sizing sideways. Merchants have products to help you on your way to the life you think you want. Before L. Frank Baum published his first Wizard of Oz book in 1900, he helped create the modern consumer society by totally redesigning store windows in Chicago. Gone were the storefront […]

Want to help recreate Jackson’s ‘Thriller’?

Have you ever watched one of the many re-creations of Michael Jackson’s famous “Thriller” scene on YouTube and thought it looked like fun? Now is your chance to dress up as a zombie and perform the famous dance to Thriller in front of a large crowd during the Mountain Heritage Festival Parade in September. Whitesburg resident Roy Crawford is hosting […]

Rain, flash flooding seen

Big Cowan

Hello folks. Hope everyone had a good week. Sure have been getting the rain and flash flooding. As long as we stay safe we will not complain about the rain. Had a good time at Hemphill last Friday night. Gary and the Country Troubadours were playing. This Friday night will be Will Caudill and Country Crossover and next week, Dawson […]

The latest tweets

Recently, we got a bird feeder. We’re lucky I speak Bird! Sparrow 1: This is just delicious! What do you call this stuff? Sparrow 2: Free food. Sparrow 1: Wait a sec. Is there food you have to pay for? Sparrow 2: Humans do. They go to a big house filled with tables. They talk to another human, who keeps […]

Whitesburg City Council hears of two new businesses

New and established businesses were a subject of discussion for the August meeting of the Whitesburg City Council. Whitesburg Mayor James Wiley Craft welcomed two new businesses to the city. “Vittles,” a West Whitesburg restaurant that specializes in hot dogs and other dishes, furnished hot dogs for the council meeting. Vittles is located beside the Sugar Shack and is open […]


Barbara Caudill Stallard Wise will be 100 years old on Sept. 1. Born in Letcher County, she is a daughter of the late Jacky and America Caudill and had seven brothers and two sisters. She was married to Leonard Sturgill and the couple had two sons, Jack Sturgill and the late James Sturgill. She loves to tell stories of her […]

The Way We Were

Clips from available Mountain Eagle pages since our founding in 1908

Thursday, August 24, 1924 Among the items appearing in a front-page column entitled “Local News Field” were these: • We regret much to learn of the drowning of young Edgar Blevins in the lake at Jenkins Sunday. • Have you tried Peach Julep, the new rich drink put up by the Coca-Cola Bottling Company? It is one of the purest […]