“Letcher County: Where the Highest of Dreams Begin” was the theme for this year’s Mountain Heritage Festival, and 12 former and present Letcher County residents were honored before the festival parade Saturday for having achieved their dreams in their chosen areas of expertise. Among those honored were (seated) Edison G. Banks II, Dr. Shelba Proffitt, (standing, from left) Dr. Billy […]

Ending life on your terms

Some people have a myriad of recurring nightmares about being publicly embarrassed, such as rising to give a speech and realizing you know nothing about the topic — then realizing you’re naked. You might be surprised to learn though, that corporations also have such nightmares. OK, corporations aren’t really people, no matter what the Supreme Court fabulists claim, so they […]

Donald Ingram had bad week


I’m sitting here watching TV and felt like I needed to write a few words to tell all my readers of The Mountain Eagle that I’m still around, and hello to all and hope everything is good for you. I’ve been watching ‘Molly B’s Polka Party.’ They were having a good time. Then I watched ‘The Virginian’ and some of […]

Poster, essay, poetry winners

The Mountain Heritage Poster, Essay and Poetry winners for 2014. Poetry 1st place Madison C. Parsons 2nd place Mark A. Sexton 3rd place Zachary Hall# Poster 1st place Ivy Scheeler 2nd place Jaydi Eldridge 3rd place Zachary Hall Essays 1st place Kiona Kincer 2nd place Melissa Bartley 3rd place Katie Depriest

UPike optometry school gets a $40 million boost

The University of Pikeville has announced a $40 million Community Facilities direct loan from USDA Rural Development will be used to construct a building that will house the university’s College of Optometry. The loan will make up the bulk of the $52 million price tag of the new building, along with grants from the Appalachian Regional Commission and the Economic […]

Jenkins lifts charge at restaurants that sell food, alcohol

The Jenkins City Council has voted unanimously to remove a surcharge on food sold by restaurants that also serve alcoholic beverages. The council voted to remove the words “and food” from its Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) ordinance during a special meeting held September 25. The move came as a result of the issue being raised in the council’s regular meeting […]

%#&@ manual!

Man vs. man. Man vs. nature. Man vs. himself. These, we learned in highschool English, are the three great themes in all literature. To which we must add one more: Man vs. newly purchased fancy-schmancy dishwasher. Oh, perhaps there are those who would quibble that “The Old Man and the Maytag” just does not carry the same gravitas as a […]

Highlights of Fleming-Neon HS


Fleming-Neon School opens August 29 The Fleming- Neon School will open August 29th with several new teachers. High School- Helen Gupta, Eugene G. Howard, Loretta McKenzia, John Lee Trowbridge, William C. Banks and Preston M. Armstrong. Grades- Hazel Lewis Kinder, Norma Ann Addington, Golda Johnson, and Josephine Tolliver. The freshmen will register for classes Monday, August 29 and the sophomores, […]

Rummage sale planned Oct. 4

A rummage sale will be held in the fellowship hall of Graham Memorial Presbyterian Church from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. on Saturday, Oct 4. The church is located at 18 Broadway Street, Whitesburg. Call 633-2142 for more information.

Now here’s a good tip

• “Microwave cleaning and sponge cleaning at the same time? Yes, please. Soak a sponge in a shallow dish, and squirt it with lemon juice. Microwave for 30-45 seconds, and then use to scrub the interior of your microwave. If you have clinging stink, fill a glass bowl with 2 cups of water and add a half cup of baking […]