Political Cartoon

Everett Vanover talks about his shynesss

During my eight years at Burdine School, being away from our large farm on Cane Branch was like a holiday for me. I was always very shy and skinny, but very strong from working all those years. We had some beautiful girls in our class and some would tease me for being so shy. I watched these young ladies grow […]

Grasping for hope as coal jobs keep fading

WELCH, W.Va. The seams of coal in some of Eddie Asbury’s mines in McDowell County are so thin workers can barely squeeze down them. They enter on carts nearly flat on their backs, the roof of the mine coursing by just a few inches in front of their faces. They don’t stand up all day. To keep his business operating […]

Christmas will be here soon

Hello everyone! Hoping all had a good and happy Thanksgiving. Now December is upon us, and Christmas will be here soon. Birthdays this month are: Linda Polly on Dec. 1; James Polly, Dec. 5; Chris Adams, Dec. 12; Joseph Grindstaff, Dec. 13; Marty Fields will be 12 years old on Dec. 16; and Leah Grace Nicely will be 7 years […]

Revisiting terror at Olympic games

After so many acts of horror, it still stands as one of the most horrible. The Olympics — a symbol of international cooperation, young men and women from around the world joined together by the pursuit of excellence — succumbing to the politics of hatred and terror. For those who cannot remember, I’m referring to the Palestine Liberation Organization’s brutal […]

Hindman Settlement School to host Dumplin’s and Dancin’

On Friday, Dec. 4 through Sunday, Dec. 6, Hindman Settlement School will host Dumplin’s and Dancin’, a heritage food and square dance weekend. The event will be held in the May Stone Building on Hindman Settlement’s main campus. Some of the topics covered are dumplings, cured hams, fermenting and local heirloom vegetable varieties. There will also be dance workshops focusing […]

Still no verdict

CHARLESTON, W.Va. A federal judge told a jury Tuesday to keep trying to reach a verdict in the trial of ex-Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship, even after jurors said they were deadlocked, and she told them they can return a partial verdict if they agree on a portion of the charges. At midday, jurors sent U.S. District Judge Irene Berger […]

Clothing giveaway Dec. 4

A clothing giveaway will be held from noon to 6 p.m., Friday, Dec. 4, at 9599 Hwy. 805, Jenkins, the site of the future SmithFaith Community Recreation Center on Main Street. The event is sponsored by SmileFaith Foundation and the Jenkins Independent Schools’ Resource Office. For more information, call Lesley Foster at (606) 670-0601.

Let pharmacies deal birth control

Back in 1933, Rep. Walter Pierce of Oregon introduced a bill in Congress to let doctors discuss birth control with their patients. The need for such a bill showed how controversial the subject was. But this was the heart of the Great Depression, when impoverished Americans could barely feed the children they had. Oregon, along with California, is again ahead […]


The McRoberts Post Office is now open for business after the recent damage to the building. Regular window hours are 11:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. with 24-hour lobby accessibility. For more information call 606-832-4123.