Let’s have belief in out elderly

Why do grandparents and their grandchildren get along so well? They share a common enemy. OK. Old joke. But the truth is, they share another common enemy that is not a relative. It’s risk. When it comes to kids and seniors alike, society’s goal seems to be creating a zero-risk existence. This is as pointless and insulting for the older […]


Coming events

LETCHER COUNTY ROCK, POP, BLUES, RAP, CHRISTIAN, JAZZ RICH ROBINSON (guitarist with Black Crowes and Bad Company); Tue., July 19 at Appalshop Theater in Whitesburg. Tickets, $45, available at www.summitcitylounge.com. For ticket information call promoter Greg Napier at 1-606- 434-8648. GLENN HUGHES (formerly of Deep Purple and Trapeze) with special guest JOANNE SHAW TAYLOR; Wed., August 24 at Appalshop Theater […]

Couple arrested after storage building recovered from Big Cowan

Whitesburg City Police have arrested a Cowan couple in connection with the theft of a portable storage unit that contained beauty shop supplies belonging to a Whitesburg cosmetology school. Charlie Monroe Sturgill, 35, and Nadine Sturgill, 40, both of 750 Bartesta Branch, were charged with receiving stolen property after they were taken into custody Wednesday night. Police found two hydraulic […]

Must America always pick up the cost of everybody else’s defense bills?

It seems strange that so few of my fellow TV binge-watchers have submitted to the fascinating Norwegian political thriller, “Occupied.” Friends, this is eight hours of your life you won’t mind not getting back. In the story, an idealistic Norwegian prime minister stops his country’s huge oil production in the name of confronting climate change. To get the oil flowing […]


Rare nerve problem causes chronic cough

DEAR DR. ROACH: I have had a chronic cough for over 30 years. As you can imagine, I have seen numerous specialists through the years, and none of the prescribed treatments has worked. A friend suggested I might have laryngeal neuropathy. My doctor didn’t know anything about it. What is the solution for this condition? — A.B. ANSWER: I can’t […]

2016-04-06 E-Edition

When the GOP was progressive

I’ve found it! I’ve discovered the original document from which today’s tea party pontificators have drawn their political creed. Tea-infused Republicans are the “anti” party — anti-science, anti-public, anti-worker, antienvironment, anti-Obama … anti-anti-anti. Where does all this unrelenting bombastic negativity come from? It turns out that their sour philosophy is rooted in “Horse Feathers.” It’s a 1932 Marx Brothers musical […]