Trophy bass caught at Fishpond Lake kicks off new effort

April 4 was a day of firsts for Letcher County fisherman Bobby Webb, local bait shop owner Bill Vanover, and the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife. For Webb, that Monday marked the first time he had caught an 8 pound 2 ounce largemouth bass from Fishpond Lake at Payne Gap and kept the fish alive for inclusion in the […]

Our world has changed

Time is rolling right along. Here we are in the second week of April! I think we all stay so busy; planning something that has to be done, that it makes time fly. No more do you see men sitting and whittling on a cedar stick relaxing, or family and neighbors sitting on porches talking and visiting with children playing […]

Teens with sleep issues more likely to take risks

NEW YORK High school students who get too little sleep — or too much — are also more likely to drive drunk or take other risks, according to government researchers. The scientists say they don’t know if sleep issues cause teens to take dangerous risks, or whether both are a reflection of depression or other problems. But the link between […]

Kelah Eldridge expected to star at UPike next year

Letcher Central grad played well in Kansas City

Sometimes the biggest stage brings out your best performances. This was the case of UPike guard Kelah Eldridge. She has been one of the most talented players on the Bears’ roster all season, but she shined brightest during the NAIA National Championship Tournament in Independence, Mo. Eldridge dazzled in the tournament with her sharp shooting three point skills, but also […]

Concert set for autism group

A benefit concert for Autism Awareness Advocates will be held at StreetSide Grill and Bar at 8 p.m. on Friday, April 15. The Pure and Simple Band and Black Bottom Road will perform. Admission is $5. Proceeds will help fund trainings, field trips and activities for families with children with autism.

Exercising with A-fib

DEAR DR. ROACH: I am a 76-year-old man who has atrial fibrillation. To control this problem, I am presently taking Tikosyn, metoprolol, warfarin and aspirin. For exercise, I walk or run at least 5 miles, five days weekly. In that 5 miles, I jog rapidly at least 3-4 miles. I push myself pretty hard. What I want to know is, […]

Too much school, both for children and their parents

In ancient times — say, the ‘60s, ‘70s or maybe even the ‘80s — children were expected to waste a good deal of their time. They’d spend hours riding their bikes to nowhere, or drawing with chalk. Their parents didn’t worry that this meant they were going to end up drug addicts, or at least at a second-tier college. But […]

Community design meeting being hosted by Appalshop

Appalshop is hosting a meeting at the Jenkins Public Library at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, April 19, 2016, as part of the community design process that will inform the planning and creation of two murals in Jenkins, Kentucky. Visual artists Lacy Hale and Pamela Meade who are members of EpiCentre Arts are leading this work as part of a creative […]

Bypass boosts survival in heart failure, new study determines

CHICAGO Heart failure patients with clogged arteries have a better chance of surviving 10 years if they get bypass surgery plus medicine rather than just drugs alone, according to an international study. Earlier results from the same research raised questions about the benefits of bypass versus medicine alone, but researchers say the long-term evidence clearly favors the surgery. The lead […]

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