Vacation Bible School planned

Lewis Creek Pentecostal Church at Partridge will hold Vacation Bible School May 30 through June 2 from 6 to 8:15 p.m. Buses will run. The theme will be “Discover God’s Formula for Your Life.” For transportation, call 606-589-5904, Richie and Rhona Creech; 606-633- 1533, Linda Craiger; 606- 589-0016, Darlene Warf. For more information call Darlene Warf.

Fried Twinkies are old hat. Try bourbon-fried pound cake

When we first encountered deep-fried, bourbonsoaked Twinkies, we were a little smitten. Until, that is, we realized we could do so much better. Better as in ditching the highly processed snack cakes and substituting a truly amazing slab of homemade pound cake, all rich and dense and ready to sponge up some booze. Which is what we did next; we […]

Gabby’s fishing fever

Water visibility for fish has been poor

With all the rain we have had, most of the lakes are muddy and stained around the banks. This has made the water visibility poor for fish. Most of the time, bass and other fish will use their sight in clear shallow water to find and attack prey. But in stained muddy water they must use their sense of hearing […]

Salome’s Stars

ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Lots of possibilities begin to open up by midweek. Some seem more appealing than others. But wait for more facts to emerge later on before you consider which to choose. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Bravo to the determined Bovine. While others might give up, you continue to search for answers. Expect your […]

‘Welcome back to Carcassonne!’

“Welcome back to Carcassonne!” exclaimed the homespun flyers for the dinner, crafts fair, and square dance held Saturday night at the Carcassonne Community Center. And a warm welcome it was. Hundreds of people of all ages packed the old mountaintop schoolhouse, spilling out onto the porch and playground outside. So many people came that folks were parking at the bottom […]

2016-05-25 E-Edition

Jessica and Ross Cline welcome new baby

Hello everyone. What a busy week it’s been. Keep my son Mike in prayer. He was admitted to the hospital in Greensburg, Ind., and has probably had two toes removed by this time. Both were full of infection. Just pray that he does not lose his foot. Chad sent pictures over the phone and it really looks bad. I hate […]


RECAPS MAY 23- 27 THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Nicole’s elation from reuniting with Zende following their months’ long breakup was soon doused when Zende delivered shocking news. Sasha suggested to Julius that they become allies regarding their relationships with the Avants and Zende. Bill surprised Liam with his response when asked to support his son’s attempt to win […]

Whitesburg man hopes free book exchange catches on

By starting a free book exchange, a Whitesburg man is encouraging children and adults to read. Avid reader Roy Crawford recently pulled some books off of a shelf at his house and took them to the Letcher County Recreation Center for children and adults to enjoy. Crawford said the book exchange isn’t the doing of an organization and there aren’t […]

Whitesburg Middle names valedictorian, salutatorian

Trinity Adams is the valedictorian of Whitesburg Middle School. She is the daughter of Anthony and Monica Adams of Whitesburg, and granddaughter of Pat and Leonard Adams and Beulah and Jack Collins. She has a sister, Olivia. The salutatorian of WMS is Kaylee Whitaker, daugh- ter of Lance and Rhoda Whitaker of Whitesburg. She is a granddaughter of Larry and […]