Everyone loves a barbecue, but those fun summer get-togethers can derail your diet and possibly raise your blood sugar and blood pressure. This does not mean you have to give up barbecues just because you have diabetes. Instead, follow these hints so you can have a meal that is both delicious and healthy, whether you are hosting or are a […]

Hogg murder trial may stay

Special Letcher Circuit Judge Kent Hendrickson says he is inclined to keep the murder trials of two men charged in the 2014 stabbing death of 24-yearold Michael Shane Hogg in Letcher County. Citing an abundance of pretrial publicity, James Huffman’s attorney Robert Wright filed a motion asking Hendrickson, the circuit judge in Harlan County, to order Huffman’s trial in the […]

Bible trivia

— 1. Is the Book of Colossians in the Old or New Testament or neither? 2. Whose first chapter begins, “Now it came to pass in the thirtieth year, in the fourth month”? Ezra, Ezekiel, Micah, Malachi 3. In Exodus 10, what was blown out of Egypt by a strong west wind? Rivers, Locusts, Sinners, Nightness 4. From 1 Chronicles, […]

Disabled American Veterans members

I was asked to march in this year’s Veterans Parade, or at least ride in one of the floats with our veterans here in Fairfield, Calif. I did neither, and now I feel ashamed that I did not march. I’ve been a Disabled America Veterans (DAV) member for years, since I was asked to join by a friend who was […]