Givens: Calipari gave game back to fans

Vaught’s Views

I’ve told you before what a big John Calipari fan that former UK All-American Jack Givens is. But I think it is rare for a player as good as Givens was to understand what the arrival of Calipari meant to Kentucky fans after two years of Billy Gillispie. “He took the game and gave it back to the fans. Think […]


On Page B1, the wrong date is listed twice for a concert by The Mystery Lights of New York City, who are coming to Summit City in Whitesburg on Thursday, August 11. The wrong date of Tuesday, August 11 appears both in the concert listings and in a cutline under two photos of the band.

Bible trivia

1 . Is the book of Philesians in the Old or New Testament or neither? 2. From Matthew 9, after Jesus healed a paralyzed man, what did the man pick up and carry home? Brother, Bed, Tent, Cart 3. In 2 Kings 13, what prophet ordered a king to shoot arrows out of a window? Paul, Job, Elisha, David 4. […]

Homegrown Zika raises even more questions on risk

WASHINGTON Homegrown mosquitoes apparently have infected 14 people in the Miami area with Zika and now it’s up to tried-and-true public health measures to stamp out the birth defect-causing virus before it spreads. Scientists don’t expect big outbreaks in U.S. states like those in hard-hit parts of Latin America and the Caribbean, including Puerto Rico. Containing community clusters will require […]

Buescher emerges in the fog at Pocono for first Cup win

LONG POND, Pa. Chris Buescher sat in his Ford, hoping that the fog would stick over Pocono and the cloud over the rookie’s middling season would start to lift. Buescher idled in his car, then stood with his arms folded on pit road. “I tried not to get my hopes up,” he said. Buescher emerged from the fog to become […]

Salome’s Stars

ARIES (March 21 to April 19) You sometimes go to extremes to prove a point. But this time, you won’t have to. Supporters are ready, falling over themselves to help you make your case. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Venus might be your ruling planet, but Mars is in the picture as well. So don’t be surprised if your […]

What’s the best way to clean those headlights?

Dear Car Talk: Please settle yet another marital dispute. When cleaning the windshield at the filling station, one of us always likes to give the headlamps a scrubbing; the other thinks that doing so puts tiny scratches on the plastic lens, and over the years this will lead to light scattering and reduced visibility. Is it OK to routinely clean […]

May Raise YOUR Osteoporosis RISK


Osteoporosis is a disease of the skeleton in which the amount of calcium present in the bones slowly decreases to the point where the bones become thinner and more porous. As a result, the bones are brittle and more prone to fracture. Osteoporosis is diagnosed when bone density has decreased to the point where fractures can occur with just mild […]

In memory of Bill Baker

Struttin’ Time:

This is a sad day in my world, as another friend of mine has been carried across The Silent River. Bill Baker of McRoberts was a lifetime friend and one of the finest men I have ever known. He left this journey we call life much too soon. I would like to take this time to just reflect on what […]


RECAPS AUGUST 1 – 5 THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Wyatt refuses to believe Liam when he sates he is sure that he spotted Quinn in Monte Carlo. Fearing that they will be found out, Eric gently suggests to Quinn that she return to Los Angeles. Steffy is the center of attention at a photo shoot on the Stella […]