KERA’s slow, steady progress

If you’re looking for a ray of optimism in this season of political gloom, check out “For all Kids: How Kentucky is closing the high school graduation gap for low-income students.” “Kentucky is a state with rates of poverty that exceed the nation’s, but with graduation rates for low-income students that are its envy,” reports the Everyone Graduates Center at […]


Christmas crafts

Christmas crafts/holiday decorations: These could be tree ornaments, small holiday centerpieces or door arrangements. Recycled items Items re-made or recycled for use for home décor or for holiday decorations.

Make your watermelon a ‘dinner’ melon

Watermelons are a delicious, fresh ingredient that shouldn’t be restricted to fruit platters and buffet tables. Its versatility is astounding. Botanically, a watermelon is a fruit — a ripened ovary of a seed plant and its contents — much like the pepper, pumpkin or tomato. However, as a member of the cucurbitaceous plant family of gourds, watermelon also is related […]

When death surprises

Stagnant wages, weight gain, in-laws staying too long. A canceled flight, a stolen bicycle, a flooded basement. Bounced checks, a cold sore, refrigerator on the fritz. Getting fired. All irritating but also microscopic in the grand scheme of things — the grand scheme being our mortality, the fact that we’re going to die. Busy, busy, focusing on to-do lists to […]

Hemphill seniors enjoy a traditional mountain meal

Check out our Facebook page for announcements and pictures posted after each event. www.facebook.com/ pages/ Hemphill- Community-Center. The Senior Fellowship was last week was a blast. A great group of folks gathered for lively conversation and a traditional mountain meal. For starters there were ribs and potatoes, steamed vegetables, fresh green beans, fresh cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, and cornbread muffins with […]

Mountain Heritage woodcraft

Categories for woodcrafts (none from kits allowed) 1. Birdhouse – Finished (such as painted, stained, etc.) 2. Birdhouse – Non-finished (such as sanded, no lacquer, natural. All birdhouses can be no larger than 16 inches wide, 16 inches in depth, and 13.5 inches high. 3. Whittled items 4. Small items decorated by wood burning technique. 5. Other small woodcrafts.

Churches join together for revival

Hello everyone! Hoping all is well. Lots of rain in the past week, which is O.K. if it wasn’t so humid afterward. Rain was cool and felt good to walk in. Some of the churches got together at the walking track for a three-night revival. I was able to go Thursday night. They had a wonderful service and good singing. […]

The ‘funny’ police

Just a few weeks after the terror attacks of 9/11 Gilbert Gottfried took to the stage of the Friar’s Club and explained he had to leave early to catch a plane to California. “I couldn’t get a direct flight. We have to make a stop at the Empire State Building.” The crowd booed and someone yelled, “Too soon!” But in […]

Remembering feed sack dresses

Hello everyone! Grab cup of coffee or maybe a cold drink sit down and let’s chat for a bit. I hear that school has already started in lots of places around this area. I don’t understand why they can’t wait at least until after Labor Day so people can get their vacations over with. There are several schools that don’t […]