Nows Heres a Tip

• The best time to shop for your 4th of July and Christmas tableware is after Valentine’s Day. Red is abundant and very well-priced. • “Clean, shiny china is easy with this simple recipe! Use a half-cup of Borax powder in a sinkful of warm water. Dip the china in the sink and rinse with cool water.” — F.T. in […]

Does living in E. Kentucky mean bigger risk of cancer?

CHICAGO Americans in certain struggling parts of the country are dying from cancer at rising rates, even as the cancer death rate nationwide continues to fall, an exhaustive new analysis has found. In parts of the country that are relatively poor, and have higher rates of obesity and smoking, cancer death rates rose nearly 50 percent, while wealthier pockets of […]


Flowers coming up in southern Ohio

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Would you believe there are buds on my lilac tree beside my window? My poppies are up about an inch. They are close to my front porch. There’s a small skiff of snow on the ground as I write this column. January has come to an end, and for some reason it seems as if January […]

Reducing the risk of breast cancer

DEAR DR. ROACH: You have written about screening for breast cancer, but are there any ways to prevent breast cancer in the first place? — T.C. ANSWER: There are three behaviors that are well-accepted to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Breastfeeding is one, and it’s so good for the baby that we might forget that it has long-term advantages […]

2017-02-01 E-Edition

Paul Prince dies at 59

Paul Ronnie “Rodney” Prince, 59, died January 23 at his home in Deane. Born in Whitesburg, he was the son of Paul and Etta Delph Prince and a brother of the late Carolyn Tackett. Surviving in addition to his parents are two sons, Paul Allen Prince and wife Andrea of Johnson City, Tenn., and Franklin James Prince and wife Cassidy […]

Needle exchanges starting to spread across Kentucky

LOUISVILLE One woman relied on old needles used by her friend’s diabetic husband. Another settled for whatever syringes she could find. But for the first time since they started using drugs several years ago, both women have access to fresh syringes. They are getting them through a needle exchange in Frankfort. “ If you can have a new one every […]

Impact on area doctors after Trump order still not known

Hospitals across the region are evaluating what an executive order issued by President Donald Trump curtailing immigration from seven countries means for their medical staffs, many of whom are Muslim or other foreign-born permanent residents or citizens. According to the Journal of American Osteopathic Association, 26 percent of practicing physicians and 24 percent of medical residents in the United States […]

Frequently Asked Questions: High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a common but serious condition that often affects people with diabetes. Your doctor should be checking your blood pressure at every visit. Why is it important to keep blood pressure under control? Uncontrolled high blood pressure can lead to stroke, heart attack and other medical problems. It is just as important to control your […]