Be cautious about credit card offers

College students and high school seniors headed for college may receive letters offering them credit cards with zero percent fees. They should read those offers carefully, advises the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA). Most cards that offer zero percent interest to new cardholders do so for only a limited time, perhaps six months. After that, the interest rate may […]

There’s gold in real maple syrup from trees tapped in Letcher Co.

Real maple syrup calls up a mental image of the Green Mountains and hardy Vermont Yankees in plaid coats and hunting caps, trudging through the snow with a bucket to tap maple trees. But some eastern Kentucky farmers think it might one day call up images from the Kentucky hills, and hearty Appalachian mountaineers. The Letcher County Extension Office held […]

Shape note singing at Hemphill

Schedule of Events Senior Fellowship Tuesdays at 10 a.m., Lunch and service provided by seniors for seniors. Hold on to your hat because this is a spunky crew. They don’t need no rocking chair. February 10: The Country Troubadours will be with us. Other musician friends will be playing for us too. This show will be a fundraiser for the […]

Moments and Memories of WHS

1969 Class officers elected The students of WHS have completed the election of class officers for the 1968-69 school year. Jeanie Price was chosen to serve as president of the senior class; Karen Kincer, vicepresident; Emma Day secretary; and Glenda Younce, treasurer. Junior class offices are Bruce Day, president; Herbie Smith, vice-president; Mac Skeens, secretary Nika Stallard, daughter of Mr. […]

Jenkins stores could sell alcohol next week

Alcohol sales could start in the City of Jenkins as early as next Wednesday following action this week by the Jenkins City Council. The council voted unanimously at its February meeting to approve the “second reading” of a new ordinance legalizing the sale of package liquor and beer for the first time since January 1944, when Letcher County voters narrowly […]

A conversation with Michael Burl Combs

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well. Before the warmer weather arrived earlier this week, we had some cold days, but it is winter and it’s not been bad. It was nice meeting Michael Burl Combs the other day. He came over and asked me if I wanted him to put my gas in my car for me. I […]

Electric vehicles are more environmentally friendly

Dear Car Talk: I recently began driving an all-electric car, thinking I was reducing the negative environmental impact of driving. A co-worker has confronted me by saying that I am actually doing more harm than good, due to the rare Earth metals needed for the batteries. He says, furthermore, that when the car has lived out its life, the disposal […]

The journey from Nigeria to Kentucky

Vaught’s Views

One of the more unique football recruiting stories has to be Abule Abadi-Fitzgerald and his journey from Nigeria to the University of Kentucky. Steve Fitzgerald has been a high school basketball coach in Florida for 20 plus years. He once helped a friend find a school for a Nigerian basketball player who had been in school in Miami only to […]

Visiting with Oma Hatton

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. I hope you all get a special box of candy, flowers, or are able to just enjoy a good day with your special someone. I never knew what Valentine’s Day was growing up in the hills I call home, and I can remember during the early years of marriage when we didn’t have money for much […]

Now Here’s a Tip!

• To make a deliciously flaky pie crust, use a normal cheese grater to grate butter in to the flour mix. The butter will stay cold, and it will come out tender and flaky. • “I like to make a big presentation, so I use sliced fruit, nuts and fresh herbs for garnishes. I prepare them ahead of time and […]