The news from Frankfort is good and disheartening

First, the good news. I am happy to say state government will now be reviewing the burden that Kentucky Power’s energy savings programs has placed on its eastern Kentucky customers. This decision comes on the heels of my co-sponsorship of House Resolution 109, which would require the Public Service Commission to look into Kentucky Power’s electrical rates and surcharges to […]

Highlights of Fleming-Neon High School

1949-50 Coach Gregory We are proud to mention a name that stands out at Fleming-Neon High School. It is none other than that of our coach, Labe Gregory. He attended grade school at Cades Cave, Tenn., and high school at Tournsville, Tenn. Later he entered Tennessee Wesleyan College to start work on his degree. He spent one year at Union […]

GOP health-law drafts would cut federal help for Medicaid

Kentucky would have to keep paying more for Medicaid, and people with federally subsidized health insurance would get less support, under a committee draft of a bill to repeal and replace the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. “States that grew their Medicaid programs under the health law could maintain their expanded programs until 2020 before federal funding would decrease,” […]

Free press isn’t a partisan issue

Despite the rhetoric, The Winchester Sun and community papers like ours aren’t “the enemy of the American people” or anyone’s opposition party. The recent attacks on the media — when coupled with attempts to silence news, spin stories and control who has information — is concerning to me, as it should be to all Americans. It doesn’t matter what side […]


What Are You Really Eating?

Before you toss that box of cereal into your grocery cart, take a moment to read the nutrition facts located on the side of the package. There are five key things that you can learn from this label that can help in your overall diabetes care. 1. Serving Size Serving size and servings per container tell you how large your […]

If only we could be invisible

When you go to the periodontist for oral surgery and all you’re worried about is the potential pain, you may forget to ask whether you will spend the next couple of weeks looking like a chipmunk beaten up by biker squirrels. Or at least I forgot to ask. So now when I look in the mirror, I see a face […]

Bobby Raleigh dies at 73

Bobby Lee Raleigh, 73, died February 24 at his home in Bronston. Born in Connecticut to the late Oma “Juanita” Hughes and James Raleigh, he was the widower of Anna Mae Gregory Raleigh. He was a brother of the late Jimmy Raleigh and Faye Sauls. He enjoyed guns, knives, coins, fishing, camping, and flea markets. He loved being outdoors and […]

Square dance planned at Carcassonne Comm. Ctr.

Hello everyone. How is the weather in your little corner of the world? We reached some very warm days with temperatures reaching in the high 70’s and a low of 20, with biting, cold winds and sleet or what is known as hominy snow. While reading an article in a magazine once again memories came cascading like a waterfall. It […]

The Way We Were

Clips from available Mountain Eagle pages since our founding in 1907 Thursday, March 10, 1927 Jenkins Police Chief S.H. Privitt is denying a rumor he says “is going about over this county and town that I, as chief of police of the town of Jenkins, have instructed the men who are working under me to kill certain men if they […]