Getting along with people isn’t all that hard

It’s pretty basic stuff. Getting along with people you agree with — or, in this era of yespersons, people who always agree with you — is remarkably easy. Getting along with anyone you might venture to disagree with in an online forum or comments section, not to mention a television scream-a-thon, is so utterly impossible and beyond reason that its […]

Speak Your Piece

Call 633-7508 from 9 am Tuesday to 9 am Friday. E-m@il address In addition to the telephone and the U.S. Mail, The Mountain Eagle accepts comments to Speak Your Piece by electronic mail. Our address is: mtneagle@bellsouth.net I read the headline about Jenkins having money problems and needing to hire teachers. Is this any wonder when they’re trying to keep […]

Bible trivia

1. Is the book of Deborah in the Old or New Testament or neither? 2. Of these, who wasn’t on the Mount of Transfiguration with Jesus? Peter, James, John, Andrew 3. From Matthew 13, how many of Jesus’ “brothers” wrote books of the Bible? Zero, 1, 2, 3 4. Of these, who had 300 concubines? Pharaoh, King Solomon, Saul, Adam […]

The Way We Were

Clips from available Mountain Eagle pages since our founding in 1907 Thursday, September 8, 1927 The Spanish-American War proved beyond reasonable doubt that typhoid fever can be controlled by vaccination, says Dr. Glass, Letcher County’s health officer. Noting that one in every seven in the Army contracted typhoid fever when no vaccination was available, Dr. Glass says the figure fell […]

Twins registered for Imagination Library

Timothy and Keshia Shepherd are the parents of twins Timothy Ryan Shepherd, Jr. and Adaline Claire Shepherd, who were born on Aug. 8. Timothy and Adaline are now registered for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library Program and will receive a free book each month until they reach age five. With the registration of the twins, the Imagination Library Program is now […]


RECAPS: SEPT. 4 – 8 THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Sheila snuck into the security office at Forrester Creations, which startled Charlie. She promptly told Charlie that he’s going to help her get back into the Forrester estate. Alone in the Forrester Design Office, Quinn and Ridge bonded over their discontent with Sheila. Ridge revealed the extent of the […]

Now Here’s a Tip

• If you haven’t already, plant your spring flowering bulbs now before the first frosts! • “I replaced my beat-up tension rod in the bath, and immediately had a thought to use it for hanging clothes in my narrow laundry room. It gives me a space to hang items coming out of the washer for air drying. When it’s not […]

Baby pageant planned

The Mountain Heritage Baby Pageant will be held at 6:30 p.m. in the auditorium at Letcher County Central High School on Sept. 11. The ages are birth to 4 years and will be open to boys and girls, and Mountain Heritage Wee Miss, Tiny Miss, and Little Miss from 4 to 12 years old. All contestants must be residents of […]

Salome’s Stars

Your 7-day horoscope for week of September 11 ARIES (March 21 to April 19) You might not like the sudden setback in your plans. But keep that headstrong Arian temperament in check and wait for explanations. Things will begin to clear up by week’s end. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Enjoy the respite from your recent hectic schedule, but […]

Searching for Neon World War II soldier

Hello again everyone! It is very hard to comprehend we are already into the month of September, although the month of August felt more like fall to me than summer. I read where the Almanac is predicting a very bad winter. I really dread the winter months, as propane gas is so expensive. I really don’t know how families with […]