Federal judge throws out suit in election case

A U.S. District judge on Monday quickly dismissed a document filed by a man accused of running illegally for Letcher Commonwealth’s Attorney. Ellis Leonard Keyes, who is not a licensed attorney, filed a 36-page document in federal court last Friday attempting to have a judge dismiss a suit brought in Letcher Circuit Court to have him removed from the ballot. […]

Brick oven now being built

Go to our Facebook page for announcements and pictures posted after each event, www.facebook.com/ pages/Hemphill-Community Center. Black Sheep Bakery and good drug free (chemical preservative free) bread is coming. The brick oven is under construction and we couldn’t be more pleased. We are told by the contractor it will be just a few more weeks. We are looking forward to […]

No beans in this chili

A pot of this chili simmering on the range brings our children in from the cold mighty quickly. Little chunks of tender beef with onions and green peppers — but no beans — are simmered in a thick tomato sauce. Texas-Style Chili3-1/2 pounds beef for stew1/4 cup salad oil2 medium onions, chopped3 medium green peppers, diced4 cloves garlic, crushed2 cans […]

2018-02-28 E-Edition

Hotel roof collapses, but isn’t expected to stop work

The timing was impeccable, though unintended. One day before Whitesburg City Council was to award a contract for structural engineering services for the 98-year-old Daniel Boone Hotel building, downtown workers heard glass shatter. Then there was a crash. Finally, there was a bigger crash. The front quarter of the hotel roof collapsed, taking the third floor, the second floor and […]

Community calendar

March 3 — A benefit singing and supper will be held from 4 to 7 p.m. at the Carcassonne Community Center at Carcassonne. Admission to the singing is free; a chicken and dumpling or ham dinner will be served for $6 per person. Singers will include Tools of the Carpenter, Dee Dee’s Faith Singers, and Sunrise Ridge, among others. If […]

Floodwaters endangering people and their property all around southern Ohio

Grab your favorite beverage, and let’s take a little while to chat. First off, I hope everyone is warm, safe and dry with all the flooding. Last week I worried about all the people in eastern Kentucky and everywhere. Well let me tell you, it is horrible in Louisville, Ky., Cincinnati, Oh., Aurora, Ind., and all the small communities and […]

Man charged with assault, kidnapping

Police have arrested a Rockhouse man on charges of kidnapping and assault for allegedly holding a neighbor prisoner for more than five hours and beating him, while accusing the neighbor of spying on him. A large contingent of state troopers and sheriff ’s deputies arrested Joshua Reynolds, 29, of Ministry Lane, during a traffic stop near his home on Monday. […]

Deer population may be increasing

By JEANETTE TACKET YONTS With DOROTHY PENNINGTON TACKET Mom and I sure are liking the warmer days we have had. I even had her out walking around in the yard a little bit one day last week. We were sitting out on the patio and I looked up in the woods and asked her, “Mom, where do you reckon all […]

Moments and Memories of WHS

Whitesburg High School Trivia-1 (Answers at bottom of column) 1. This individual served as the first principal of Fleming High School before becoming principal of WHS from 1942-1946. (A) Millard Tolliver (B) Jack Burkich (C) Curtis Reed (D) H.H. Harris. 2. The school newspaper, “The Black Kat”, was first published in: (A) 1918 (B) 1925 (C) 1938 (D) 1945. 3. […]