Hepatitis outbreak can be managed

The sharp spike in the number of hepatitis A cases may be concerning, but most people should not be concerned about contracting the infection if proper precautions are taken. The latest state data show 1,000 of the 1,592 reported cases across Kentucky are classified as “illicit drug use + no/unknown homelessness.” Another 189 cases are classified as “homelessness + illicit […]

Canned pumpkin is trick to velvety pumpkin soup

This velvety pumpkin soup is surprisingly easy and fast thanks to canned pumpkin. The trick is getting rich, balanced pumpkin flavor out of a can. We started by creating a deeply flavorful base for our soup by softening onion and then adding cumin, coriander, and nutmeg, which gave us a warm-spiced flavor that paired well with pumpkin. Maple syrup was […]


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The Way We Were

Clips from available Mountain Eagle pages since our founding in 1907 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25, 1928 Reports say a Letcher County man known as “the worst man in all these hills” has been killed by Perry County sheriff ’s deputies. Joe Davidson, who has lived on the head of Linefork Creek for many years, was gunned down by deputies last Friday […]

Stout beer adds richness to gingerbread bundt cake

In our opinion, gingerbread is only worth eating if its flavor is unmistakably bold and spicy. For our gingerbread bundt cake, the standard liquid combination of mild molasses and water seemed lackluster. Robust molasses had more presence in our scaled-up cake, and we replaced the water with stout for a deeper flavor profile. The beer gave the cake a malty […]


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Now Here’s a Tip

• Stretch shoes with a zipper-top baggie! Insert a plastic bag into the shoe, where your feet go. Then add water just to fill. Put them in the freezer until solid. The ice expands as it freezes, which stretches the shoe. • If you’re replacing a hinge to re-hang a door and you need to use the same holes, add […]

Turkey meatloaf offers lighter take on classic

Don’t overlook the benefits of a good meatloaf; though humble, it can be just the thing for a comforting meal, and leftovers make great sandwiches. Turkey meatloaf offers a lighter take on the classic, but because store-bought ground turkey is fine and pasty, it often comes out dense and mushy. To fix this, we exchanged the usual bread panade for […]


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RECAPS: OCT. 15 – 19 GENERAL HOSPITAL — Carly got a surprise. Sonny’s conversation with Jason was cut short. Drew thought things over. Elizabeth visited Sam. Lulu’s marriage was strained. Jason sought Monica’s help. Ava found a new drinking buddy. Kiki got an idea. Nina had a theory. Maxie feigned surprise. Drew considered his choices. Sonny put everything into perspective. […]