PJ Washington’s surge continues, scouts impressed

Remember back earlier this season when many speculated that Kentucky sophomore PJ Washington was hurting his NBA Draft stock with his play? Amazing how that changed with three straight double-doubles (the first by a UK player in five years) and five 20-point games in a six-game stretch after scoring 23 points in the win at Mississippi State last Saturday. “The […]

I visited print shop that I set up in 1955

I and other retired military members were asked if we wanted to tour the base printing department. I had not been there since October 1968. Unknown to the workers there, I set up this base printing department in 1955 during the Korean War when my headquarters at Hickam Field, Hawaii moved to Travis Air Base in California. My headquarters took […]

Make your own mac and cheese from your home

Macaroni and cheese is just eaten too often in this country for us to ignore it. Kids in particular say yes to macaroni and cheese when they turn up their noses at everything else. Unfortunately, it’s the boxed version, complete with orange cheese powder, that’s made most often. There are two distinct styles of macaroni and cheese: bechamelbased, in which […]

Bible trivia

1. Is the book of 2 Thessalonians in the Old or New Testament or neither? 2. From Song of Solomon 8, what is so powerful that many waters cannot quench it? Hope, Love, Salvation, Peace 3. Thorns and what else grew from the ground that God cursed after Adam and Eve’s sins? Vines, Ivy, Thistles, Weeds 4. According to Paul, […]

Career milestones

Several Letcher County basketball players reached milestones for scoring and rebounding recently. They include Jenkins sophomores Jerrica Thacker (bottom right) and Kristen Thacker (bottom left) and Letcher Central’s Greg Kincer (top right) and Emma Maggard (top left), all of whom eclipsed 1,000 career points scored this season. Jenkins freshman Lindsey Rose (right) also achieved a milestone, pulling down her 500th […]

Brenda Sue Halcomb dies at 66

Brenda Sue Halcomb was born November 5, 1952 in Carcassonne. She was the daughter of the late Thomas and Lorene Halcomb Mrs. Halcomb departed this life on Tuesday, January 29, being 66 years, 2 months and 24 days old. She was preceded in death in death by three sisters, Donna Halcomb, Della Halcomb and Stella Halcomb. She is survived by […]

How to make flaky, crisp deep-dish pizza at home

If you haven’t been to Chicago, you may dismiss deep-dish pizza. That would be a mistake. Real Chicago-style pizza is certainly thick, but its texture and flavor are something special: Instead of being bread-like, the crust offers the contrast of a good biscuit — airy inside, lightly crisp outside, and flaky throughout — and boasts a rich taste that holds […]


NOTICECommonwealth ofKentuckyLetcher District CourtCivil Action No.18-P-00003In rethe estate of:DESTINY AKERSA MinorNOTICE OFAPPOINTMENTOF GUARDIANPursuant to KRS424.340, notice ishereby given that Ernestine Meade was, onthe 23rd day of January, 2019, appointedGuardian of the estateof Destiny Akers of thiscounty, and all personshaving claims againstsaid estate shall present same, verifiedaccording to law tosaid Guardian at herpresent address, 250Coon Hollow, Deane,KY 41812, not laterthan the […]

Struttin’ Time:

There’s room in truck for a passenger

As we get closer to Florida’s opening day of turkey season, the more I feel the need to remind you hunters that my truck is heading down that way on March 12 to the Watermelon Pond Plantation. If you need to get your wild turkey “grand slam” you are welcome to ride with me. The season opens in Florida March […]

Big raffle to feature UK basketball tickets

The Neon Lions Club met this week on February 5. It was a warm day, as the temperature jumped all the way up to 71 degrees. Lots of activity, ballgames at local schools, the upcoming University of Kentucky ballgame coming shortly tonight and the warm weather, made for a small crowd tonight. However, we did have a decent number of […]