2019-05-29 E-Edition

Overlook opens high above Jenkins

ELKHORN LAKE SPARKLES in the distance from the site of a new overlook built by the Letcher County Tourism Commission on US 23 South near Pound Gap, overlooking the city of Jenkins. The deck is built with the same design as overlooks built in 2017 on US 119 South near Whitesburg. (Photo by Sam Adams)

Blackey man, 47, indicted on seven counts after attack on his mom, others

A man indicted this month on felony charges of assaulting his mother and brother-in-law and dragging his injured mother from the house was arrested for the same incident earlier, but only charged with a misdemeanor. Mark Gideon Hogg, 47, of 13428 Main Street Loop, Blackey, is charged with seven counts related to an incident on March 27 at the home […]

Pound native to kick off free concert series here

The second year of the Levitt Amp concert series in Whitesburg kicks off tomorrow night (Thursday) with rising country music star Kaitlyn Baker. Baker, originally from Pound, Va., is touted as a new “coal miner’s daughter,” and her debut single “Burn” reached No. 54 on the Music Row Breakout chart in 2015. Her single “Coal Train” was included on the […]

Federal marshals arrest Letcher man in old case

U.S. Marshals have arrested a Letcher County man on a sealed warrant related to a seven-year-old drug case. Curtis Venters, 46, was arrested on the night of May 23 and appeared the next morning in U.S. District Court in London for violation of the conditions of release in a 2012 drug trafficking case. U.S. Magistrate Judge Hanly A. Ingram ordered […]

Salome’s Stars

For week of June 3

ARIES (March 21 to April 19) There’s nothing an Aries Lamb likes less than having to tackle a humdrum task. But finding a creative way to do it can make all the difference. A more exciting time awaits you this weekend. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Finishing up a job on time leaves you free to enjoy your weekend […]

Buttermilk and salt is key to this crispy oven-fried chicken

Soaking chicken in seasoned buttermilk guarantees that your crispy chicken will come out of the oven moist and juicy on the inside. Salt doesn’t just enhance flavor — when you soak meat in a salty solution (a brine), the salt reshapes protein molecules and helps them hold onto moisture when the meat is cooked. Buttermilk contains lactic acid, which is […]

Cheesecake without fuss? Try the no-bake cheesecake

We love a tall New York-style cheesecake but there’s no denying it’s a bit of a project. It’s also incredibly rich and decadent. Sometimes we want the essence of a cheesecake with less fuss, and we want the tang of a cream cheese-based cake without the weight — something lighter and creamier to finish a meal. Enter no-bake cheesecake: The […]

Grill your Caesar salad to get a smoky char

The smoky char of the grill brings a whole new dimension to plain old Caesar salad. To develop good char and maintain crisp lettuce without ending up with scorched, wilted, even slimy leaves, America’s Test Kitchen used sturdy, compact romaine hearts, which withstood the heat of the grill better than whole heads. Halving them lengthwise and grilling on just one […]


UNDER THE MILKY WAY — Letcher County photographer Joshua Bentley recently captured this photograph of Fishpond Lake at Payne Gap as the lake’s waters lay still under the Milky Way, the galaxy that contains the Solar System. Bentley took the photo with a Nikon d850 camera with a 24mm lens set at f2.8, 15 seconds and ISO 3200. (Photo by […]