2019-08-07 E-Edition

144-year-old Blackey house is placed on Historic register

House is county’s 3rd on National Register

When William Dixon built his house at the head of Elk Creek, he built it to last. And last it has. For 144 years, four generations of his family have lived in the four-room, log house, and the more modern addition added to the rear. This year, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places, named the David […]

Former owner donates $2,000 to each miner from Blackjewel

Ex-mine owner helps laid-off men from Blackjewel

Blackjewel miners continued to block the railroad tracks near Cumberland this week as the community and government advocates moved to provide help for those who are still owed back wages from the bankrupt company. The miners allowed CSX to remove its locomotive from the Blackjewel tipple, but the coal stayed in gondolas at the site. The company had attempted to […]

Jenkins officials delay decision on tax hike

The Jenkins City Council this week postponed a decision on whether to raise taxes on personal property, and the decision will hang in the balance for the coming month. At Monday’s city council meeting, a potential increase of property taxes and watercraft and motor vehicle taxes was tabled until the September meeting so Mayor Todd Depriest and the council can […]

2019 -2020 Letcher County Public Schools Bus Routes and Boundaries

FLEMING-NEON ELEMENTARY (6-8) MARTHA JANE POTTER (K-5) … Beginning at the Knott Co. line at Shelby Fork, along Rt 7, pickups back to Jct. of Hwy 317 at Deane – [mouth of] Dicks Br., Appletree Br., Coon Hollow, – and across Rockhouse Mtn., continue on Hwy 317S, Quillen Fork, Hemphill to FNE and MJP {Bus #3704, Austin Johnson} … Pottertown, […]

Mary Sergent Bealer celebrates 80th birthday

Well, I actually got to go to Letcher County Senior Citizens this morning, Monday, and also got to stay and eat with them. Last week, Mom had a doctor’s appointment, and then I was busy all week with just general stuff. So, today I caught up on a lot of the medical problems of our members. First, Lizzie Mae Wright […]

Mass shootings: Enough is enough

How many more times will we read about this stuff?Gun violence, mass shootings — enough is enough.How many more shell casings found at the scene?Before we start to look away from the screen.How many tears will fall for a lost oneA mother, a father, a daughter, a son. How many days will we spend weeping?Until we wake up from this […]

Who do you want to pay for state’s pension debt?

The Kentucky Legislature met in a special session this summer to give a little relief to government agencies such as public health departments, faced with skyrocketing pension costs that could force a substantial number of them to dramatically scale back services or even close. The special legislation may have saved some health departments for now, which means vital services for […]

Blackjewel miners were sucker-punched

Scott Cox got sucker-punched. First, by President Donald Trump, who promised to bring the coal industry back to its former splendor, despite plenty of evidence to the contrary. Then by Cox’s employer, the Blackjewel coal company, which lured him to a high-paying job in the mines then abruptly went bankrupt and clawed back three weeks of wages, leaving Cox and […]

Emma Bates is Rogers Scholar grad

Letcher County Central High School student Emma Bates graduated this summer from The Center for Rural Development’s 2019 Rogers Scholars program. Rogers Scholars—The Center’s flagship youth program—is an intensive one-week summer program that provides valuable leadership skills and exclusive college scholarship opportunities for high school students in Southern and Eastern Kentucky to help seize their potential as the region’s next […]