Legislature faces long agenda with little time on hand

Under Kentucky’s constitution, a legislative session’s start and finish are largely set in stone. The General Assembly always convenes on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in January, and, in even-numbered years, it cannot meet for more than 60 days and must adjourn by April 15. With those guidelines in mind, the General Assembly returns to the Capitol early […]

‘Veganuary’ is definitely one resolution you can skip

I never got the point of a vegan diet. I dislike its cultish mindset. And I regard New Year’s resolutions as prelude to failure. That gives Veganuary three strikes and an out as an obsession to commandeer my January. The push to adopt a strictly vegan diet for the month of January speaks volumes about English-speaking peoples’ rocky relationship with […]

The Way We Were

Clips from available Mountain Eagle pages since our founding in 1907

When Goose Creek was home to ‘Big Chief’  This 1950s-era photo shows a then-modern coal loading facility at South-East Coal Company’s Big Chief Mine on Goose Creek, located between Neon and Hemphill. The photo is the property of longtime South-East engineer Bill Combs of Craft’s Colly, who helped design the facility, which was unique for its time. After South-East closed […]

Ringing (literally) in the New Year

Points East

Our old house, where I grew up, had a huge dinner bell mounted on the upstairs back porch. If you have ever seen a typical, antique, dinner bell, imagine one twice the normal size and about half the size of the Liberty Bell. I have no real idea where my grandfather, Pap (Mose(s) Adams), acquired it, nor why he wanted […]

Now here’s a tip!

• “I bought a mesh laundry bag at the dollar store and hang it from a hook in the closet where I keep my hamper. Socks go in the bag. When I’m ready to do laundry, I tie a knot in the bag and toss it in. Socks stay together.” — T.O. in California • Last bowl’s worth of cereal? […]



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Zoe got caught up in the passion of the moment during her romantic night with Thomas. Liam worried that Zoe wouldn’t be able to maintain her perspective after Hope fessed up about Zoe and Thomas’s date. Thomas upped the ante in his scheme to get Hope by taking his relationship with Zoe to the […]

Trivia test

1. TELEVISION: What were the names of the villainous agents in “The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle”? 2. MUSIC: Which rock group produced the album “Shout at the Devil” in the 1980s? 3. LAW: What was the subject of the landmark legal case titled Furman v. Georgia? 4. MEDICAL: What is a more common name for dyspepsia? 5. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: […]

Taking a breather in the new decade

I think we can agree that 2019 was a long, tough year. We all know why. Is it time to tune out? Here are some thoughts on how to have a better 2020: * Turn off the TV now and then, especially those news shows. We’ve been around long enough to have figured out the political stuff years ago. We […]

Moments in time

• On Jan. 5, 1643, in the first record of a legal divorce in the American colonies, Anne Clarke of the Massachusetts Bay Colony is granted a divorce from her absent and adulterous husband, Denis Clarke, by the Quarter Court of Boston. • On Jan. 1, 1818, “Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus” is published. The book by 20-year-old Mary Shelley […]

Bible trivia

1. Is the Book of Cornelius in the Old or New Testament or neither? 2. From Revelation 2, what city was said by John to have “Satan’s seat”? Pergamos, Miletus, Patara, Sodom 3. In Matthew 7, what did Jesus warn against throwing to pigs? Bones, Stones, Figs, Pearls 4. From Acts 13, where were Paul and Barnabas deserted by Mark? […]