2020-03-25 E-Edition

Online doctor visits quickly becoming popular at MCHC

MCHC unveils popular new service

Got a sore arm or just need to renew a prescription? You can still address it with a doctor in Letcher County even if you don’t want to leave home during the coronavirus outbreak. Whitesburg-based Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation began working early last week to set up a telemedicine system to serve patients with earaches and other minor problems who […]

Facebook ‘group’ hopes to shame county’s litterers into cleaning up

Citizens remain determined to see a clean county

Over at Flat Gap, a business has thrown out flyers for its payday loan company, and residents are sick and tired of picking them up out of their driveways and ditches. Down on Elk Creek, Manus Blair has picked up two more bags of garbage, just as he’s done nearly every Saturday for more than 20 years. And on top […]

For sale: Jenkins band uniforms – from 1971

It may have seemed like “Back to the Future” as an ultra-modern school board meeting for the Jenkins Schools Board of Education included a motion to declare Jenkins band uniforms from 1971 as surplus and advertise them for bids. Jenkins Superintendent Mike Genton told the board about the uniforms via the computer app “Microsoft Teams” during the Jenkins Board of […]

It was love at first sight for this couple

Vaught’s Views

It might be hard to believe considering Landon Young’s size — 6-7, 320 pounds — that anyone would not know he’s a football player but Haleigh Johnson says she did not know when she met him in class at the University of Kentucky. “My friend knew him. It’s usually easy to spot a UK athlete. I knew he didn’t play […]

Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Some ways to pass time with no fishing

During this time of people staying indoors and so many feet away from each other in public, we have to make major lifestyle adjustments daily. Some anglers are using this time to do many things fishing-related to pass the time. One idea is to look at and read fishing magazines and stay up on the newest fishing news and patterns […]

Struttin’ Time

Where is the on/off switch for 2020?

This year has been a mess. I wish there was an on-off switch for 2020. This is only March, and more bad things have happened, than the whole year of 2019. Have you ever had a dream that was really a nightmare and you hoped when you woke up, it would all be gone, but when you went back to […]

Preachers can be found speaking on Internet


I’m wondering if by the time this coronavirus quarantine is over will we want to hug or touch or even stop and talk to each other. I’m thinking this is going to change how we socialize with each other forever. Our pastor, Bill Jones, uses Joseph as an example quite frequently in his messages. When Joseph was sold as a […]

We should support each other during traumatic events

People who experience a traumatic event like COVID 19 and even those who watch it unfold from a distance, on television for example, can experience negative stress and serious emotional distress. This is because traumatic events are recognized as a threat to one’s personal safety and/or the world as you know it. It is also not uncommon for traumatic events […]

Food donated by supplier will feed 600 families here

Hundreds of boxes of food donated to Letcher County by a Louisville restaurant supplier were on their way to over 600 families in need Tuesday night. Fire departments across the county picked up boxes of vegetables and milk from CANE Kitchen in Whitesburg, where the food was delivered from Creation Gardens in Louisville. The food service company, which was founded […]