2021-03-31 E-Edition

Latest flood is ‘one-two punch’ to county

Nearly three inches of rain fell on Letcher County from Saturday night to Sunday morning, sending streams out of their banks and mud rushing down mountainsides. The worst of it hit just a month and a day after previous heavy storms flooded the county, destroying asphalt and gravel roads. This one, residents agree, was worse, and the National Weather Service […]

Third stimulus boosts local businesses

The decline in the COVID-19 virus and stimulus checks that started hitting mailboxes two week ago have been much needed relief for some businesses here. Traffic has been noticeably heavier, and some local businesses say people are spending their economic stimulus money, producing the boost that was intended. Brad Shepherd, owner of Heritage Kitchen in Whitesburg, said he’s seen an […]


For the second time in a month, Letcher County residents awoke Sunday morning to find that heavy rainfall had caused the streams, creeks and rivers in their communities to spill over their banks. In the photo at left, a backhoe operator worked feverishly early Sunday afternoon to clear debris from a bridge over the North Fork of the Kentucky River […]

KFC owner pledges community involvement

The Colonel himself came to town last week. Colonel Sanders, that is. C. Doug Knipp, one of the owners of the KFC planned for Whitesburg, showed up for the groundbreaking ceremony Friday in the full Colonel “uniform” — white suit, white shirt, black string tie and cane, topped by his real white hair and white goatee. “All through 1980s, the […]

Painkillers OK before or after a COVID vaccine?

Can I take painkillers before or after a COVID-19 vaccine? Don’t take them before a shot to try to prevent symptoms, but if your doctor agrees, it’s OK to use them afterward if needed. The concern about painkillers is that they might curb the very immune system response that a vaccine aims to spur. Vaccines work by tricking the body […]

Beauty after the flooding

Blue skies and blooming Bradford pear trees created this beautiful scene in downtown Whitesburg on Tuesday, just three days after heavy rains and flooding damaged large parts of the county. The respite was to be short, however, heavy rains were forecast to return to the area Tuesday night and Wednesday. Forecasters called for the high temperature to fall from 61 […]

More Democrats needed in Frankfort

Letter to the editor

To the Editor: I appreciate The Eagle publishing the excellent legislative reports of our Democratic State Representative Angie Hatton, who is already in House leadership. I believe we elected the wrong Johnny Turner instead of our good old Democratic State Senator Johnny Ray Turner. The state budget passed by the super majority Republican State Legislature is far from super. In […]

Legislators shield businesses


Kentucky lawmakers voted to shield businesses and health care facilities from coronavirus-related lawsuits as they hurried to finish work Tuesday before ending this year’s session. Another measure winning final passage in the Republican-dominated legislature’s closing frenzy would limit public access to some records of judges, police and prosecutors. A media organization said it would urge Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear to veto […]

State police arrest parolee from Isom

An Isom man, who allegedly violated a parole scheduled to last for the next 78 years, allegedly fled from police on Friday, leading to a pursuit that ended with his arrest. Trooper Branden Watts attempted to conduct a traffic stop on a 1994 Ford Mustang at 1:53 p.m. on Friday, March 27, at KY-7 North at Rockhouse. Instead of stopping, […]