2021-05-19 E-Edition

New plaque documents local history of segregated schools

The imposing brick edifice that is the old Jenkins High School is familiar to most people who have driven along the town’s Main Street toward Burdine. It was renovated a few years ago and stands as a testament to efforts of Consolidation Coal to build a “model city” in the mountains. Not so familiar is the wood frame and cinder […]

Jenkins man, wife face murder count in 2020 shooting

A couple who shot and killed a man they said broke into their house last summer has been indicted on charges of criminal complicity to murder. Justin Thomas Robinson, 28, and Kimberly D. Robinson, 27, of Jenkins, were indicted after Kentucky State Police Det. Josh Huff testified before the grand jury last month and again earlier this month. According to […]

Indictments name alleged dog killer

The Letcher Grand Jury has indicted a Jenkins man for cruelty to animals and other charges for allegedly shooting a dog in a parking lot of Mountain Breeze Apartments. Kevin A. Stiles, 32, of 8760 Mountain Breeze Road, Apartment 397, is charged with second-degree cruelty to animals, first-degree wanton endangerment, fourth-degree assault, and third-degree terroristic threatening. The dog, a German […]

Calipari, “Chin” Coleman have known each other for some time

Vaught’s Views

John Calipari was not a stranger to Ronald “Chin” Coleman before Coleman left Illinois to join the Kentucky coaching staff recently. Or at least Coleman knew about Calipari even if Calipari might not have remembered their first meeting when Coleman was head coach at Whitney Young High School in Chicago. “We were a top-10 program in the country. I’m sure […]

Struttin’ Time

Trip to Mexico beyond eye-opening

Julius Caesar once said, “I came, I saw, I conquered.” That is how it has been in my life. My Gould wild turkey hunt to Mexico for my “Royal Slam” in turkey hunting was no difference. I knew where I was heading after I learned there are six different breeds of wild turkey. The Eastern is what we have here. […]

Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Catching bass during the spawn

On most lakes the largemouth bass have moved to shallow banks and in the backs of creeks to prepare for the coming spawn. Male bass look for these type areas and make a bowl-shaped place in the bottom by moving soft sand and small pebbles out of the way. This will make a suitable spot for the larger female to […]

Speak Your Piece

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E-m@il address In addition to the telephone and the U.S. Mail, The Mountain Eagle accepts comments to Speak Your Piece by electronic mail. Our address is: mtneagle@bellsouth.net So, you all are still having problems with people sitting in the drive-thru waiting to get their medicines? Why not tell them like you told me — that I can’t sit there waiting […]

Trivia test

1. MOVIES: How long was the shortest Academy Awards ceremony? 2. TELEVISION: Which U.S. state was the setting for the 1980s “Newhart” TV sitcom? 3. MEDICAL: What is a common name for the condition known medically as ankylosis? 4. GEOGRAPHY: Which European nation colonized Haiti? 5. HISTORY: What was the Monroe Doctrine, a policy stated by President James Monroe in […]

W’burg awash in the sound of Summer Winds

There’s an unexpected sound drifting across Whitesburg this spring. There’s the boom-boom of kettle drums, the lilting song of flutes and the smokey tones of the saxophone. Stop and turn an ear, and listen to the deep toot of a tuba, the regal flourish of French horns, and the jazzy wail of trumpets. Sometimes an oboe will take the lead, […]