2021-07-14 E-Edition

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A stomach-churning ride

Crossing the Redstar Bridge can be a stomach-churning experience in the best of times. The two-lane, steel-truss-and-concrete bridge soars 80 feet above the North Fork of the Kentucky River and the CSX railroad tracks on the riverbank. It’s 411 feet from end to end and the longest of the five spans is 150 feet between support piers. Potholes often turn it […]

Woman charged with shooting husband to death

A 43-year-old Jackhorn woman has been charged with murder in an indictment returned by the Letcher County Grand Jury. Natasha Gibson, also known as Natasha Hatfield, Natasha Hogg, and Natasha Colwell, of 1788 Yonts Fork, is charged with murdering her husband, Can Gibson, after the two were involved in an altercation at their home. The grand jury charges that Mrs. […]

Mrs. Craft is council’s pick for W’burg mayor

The Whitesburg City Council unanimously selected Tiffany Craft to fill the unexpired term of her husband, Mayor James Wiley Craft, who died June 29 after a long illness. The council took the vote Tuesday after a short, closed session. Crying as she accepted the appointment, Tiffany Craft moved from the front row of the gallery where she had sat with […]

99% of COVID patients not vaccinated

Of the COVID-19 cases still occurring in this region, 99 percent are among people who have not taken the vaccine to protect against it, a health official said. A recent nationwide study suggests that 5.76 percent of people in Letcher County are “vaccine hesitant,” meaning they are unsure whether they will take the vaccine or are dead sure they won’t. […]

Reed Sheppard says UK offer is ‘special’

Vaught’s Views

By Larry Vaught North Laurel’s Reed Sheppard led the state in scoring last year as a sophomore at 30 points per game and has created a statewide buzz among UK fans with his play. The junior knew fans across the state were hoping he would get a scholarship offer from Kentucky and he finally did last week after John Calipari […]

Struttin’ Time

The South Africa hunt reaches end

For the past three weeks we have been following Bridgette Holbrook’s exciting hunt for plains animals in South Africa. Knowing Bridgette since her childhood, I know she is not one to hold back, and goes headlong into adventure. Unlike many hunters I have met in the past few years, she has no fear of looking outside the box. So many […]

Speak Your Piece

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E-m@il address In addition to the telephone and the U.S. Mail, The Mountain Eagle accepts comments to Speak Your Piece by electronic mail. Our address is: mtneagle@bellsouth.net I was always under the impression that all federal buildings or public buildings needed to be accessible to the disabled. I was wondering why the federal post office in Neon does not have […]

Strange BUT TRUE

• The fuller your refrigerator, the more energy-efficient it is. • In 2005, a Powerball drawing had a stunning 110 second-place winners, all of whom attributed their luck to … a fortune cookie. No foul play was involved, just a Chinese fortune cookie distribution factory named Wonton Food, which happened to correctly foretell five of the six winning numbers. Each […]

Democrats to meet

The Letcher County chapter of the Democratic Party will meet this Thursday, July 15, at 6 p.m. in the District Courtroom in the courthouse. All Democrats in the county are welcome to attend. You are unauthorized to view this page.