2021-08-18 E-Edition

Flood damages threaten public library at Blackey

Flooding during late winter and spring has caused the riverbank under the Blackey Public Library to erode dangerously close to the building’s foundation. The Letcher County Library Board is now in the process of hiring an architect to oversee the rebuilding of the bank before the building is undermined. The Blackey Library was built in 1986 next to the bridge […]

County health dept. is so broke it may lose headquarters

An unwillingness to raise tax rates, a declining tax base, reduction in federal and state funding, and COVID-19 closures and layoffs have created a perfect storm that has put the Letcher County Health Department in danger of losing the multi-million-dollar health center that opened just 12 years ago. Discussions are underway for the department to purchase the old Dairy Queen […]

WARH has largest number of COVID-19 patients yet

Surrounding states are calling hospitals here to find beds for COVID 19 patients, but in the Appalachian Regional Healthcare System at least there are not enough beds to take them. As of Monday, the ARH system had 115 COVID patients with 25 of those in intensive care. Patients range in age from their 20s up, with more than half under […]

Meet ‘Banger,’ UK’s newest punter

Vaught’s Views

Not only is Kentucky’s new punter a 24-year-old Australian but he also has a nickname — “Banger” — that comes with an interesting story. “When you hear a good song, you say that is a ‘Banger.’ I was on a footy (football) trip and we were on a bit of a party bus,” said Wilson Berry. “I was at the […]

Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Now is good time for bluegill fishing

This hot and stormy summer weather makes it hard for a lot of anglers to get out during the heat of the day and try to fish, so they have to find other times to get out and enjoy their sport. One fish that is very sought after this time of the year is the feisty little bluegill. I think […]

Struttin’ Time

Create some memories Saturday

Remember, please, this coming Saturday is the opening day of squirrel season. Also, don’t forget to take a child hunting. There are many young people in Letcher County who took their first squirrel hunting trip with me, either in a group while camping or standing by my side. I spoke with Ginger Fleming Isaac the other day and asked her […]

Speak Your Piece

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E-m@il address In addition to the telephone and the U.S. Mail, The Mountain Eagle accepts comments to Speak Your Piece by electronic mail. Our address is: mtneagle@bellsouth.net I can understand why the military is making all their troops take the COVID vaccine. When you’re in the military, you don’t own your body, the government does. And if they tell you […]

Services set for Howard Scott

Howard Scott, 78, of Partridge, died August 15 at Whitesburg Appalachian Regional Hospital. Born in Blair, he was a son of the late Leonard Scott and Leona Halcomb Scott and was also preceded in death by a sister, Gladys Bowman, and five brothers, R.J. Scott, Elmer Scott, Dennis Scott and two infants. Mr. Scott was employed by the Mine Health […]

Strange BUT TRUE

• The opposite of paranoia is pronoia. A person suffering from pronoia feels that people or entities around them are plotting to do them good! • American flags left on the moon will eventually get bleached white by the sun. • Only two animals have the ability to see behind themselves without turning around: the rabbit and the parrot. Their […]