2022-01-05 E-Edition

State’s longest district

Letcher County would be part of a new 94th state legislative district (highlighted in blue on this map) that would stretch from Kentucky’s border with the state of West Virginia to only 30 miles from the Tennessee border — a 140-mile road trip of more than three hours — if a plan authored by Republican state lawmakers is approved.

Jenkins to review ‘master plan’ for bicycle, pedestrian traffic

A master plan for bicycle and pedestrian traffic throughout the county should be completed and ready for local governments to approve by February. The Jenkins City Council heard a timeline for the report at its regular January meeting Monday night. Eunice Fitzpatrick Holland, associate director of community economic development and transportation planner for the Kentucky River Area Development District, told […]

Redistricting plan draws fire from Rep. Hatton, others

The state House of Representatives District 94, which includes Letcher County, would be stretched out to include an area more than 140 miles long under a redistricting plan proposed by Republicans and almost certain to pass the state legislature where the party holds a supermajority in both houses. Some critics say the plan targets Rep. Angie Hatton, who is the […]

Four more candidates file

With the filing deadline for candidates still uncertain, only a handful of new candidates have filed to run for election in Letcher County. The Kentucky General Assembly is considering pushing back the deadline, but it currently stands as advertised – Friday, January 7. As of Tuesday, the Republican controlled legislature had still not finalized district maps for state officials. Candidates […]

Star UK grid signee to start college early

Vaught’s Views

Four-star receiver Dane Key intended to finish his senior season at Frederick Douglass High School and enjoy one final season of baseball, a sport he’s always enjoyed and thought at one time he might even play in college. However, the Kentucky signee is now enrolling at UK for the spring semester and it’s not hard to understand his thinking. “Getting […]

Struttin’ Time

Looking for fun throughout 2022

Another new year, another trip around the sun. I am looking at 2022 as a way forward; I refuse to look into my rearview. If we can produce just a little more love, kindness, and forgiveness, I think it will go a long way. Already some good news, mixed with bad news for 2022. First let us do the good […]

Speak Your Piece

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E-m@il address In addition to the telephone and the U.S. Mail, The Mountain Eagle accepts comments to Speak Your Piece by electronic mail. Our address is: mtneagle@bellsouth.net There was no hope for Todd this past Christmas. Thank you. . Go ahead, scumbag, and live in your own little private world full of lies. You’ll be alright until you die, and […]

Strange BUT TRUE

• At the height of their fashion craze in the 1580s and ‘90s, neck ruffs could include up to 6 yards of starched-stiff material with up to 600 pleats, supported by a wire, wooden frame or board. • In 2017, while on a plane, a woman used her sleeping husband’s thumb to unlock his phone, thereby discovering he was cheating […]

Coming to coal county: Solar, in big way


For a mountain that’s had its top blown off, the old Martiki coal mine is looking especially winsome these days. With its vast stretches of emerald grass dotted with hay bales and ringed with blue-tinged peaks, and the wild horses and cattle that roam there, it looks less like a shuttered strip mine and more like an ad for organic […]